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    Creative Jobs That People With ADHD Might Like



    carpenter or builder



    designer (interior, fashion, graphic)


    stylist (hair, nails, makeup, fashion)


    marketing or advertising roles

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    University, the future, hopelessness

    I have 12 days before my first exam and I am not prepared at all. The unpreparedness has been hanging over me for the entire semester, I hate studying and I do not know what I will do in the future. My boyfriend said "Last year I told you it'd get better, you would be more focused, etc. But I am actually quite surprised that it didn't". All while he is trying to help me, I think he has no clue about how mental health works, and I did not choose to be bad at my studies or feel so sad all the time. He analyses stuff that do not require analysis. I think being sad in front of him is a big mistake. It is just frustrating despite the fact that I did not expect him to understand me. I think everything just got worse when I started sharing my problems with him. He doesn't understand me at all. #Boyfriend #Relationships #relationship #School #studentlife #study #studies #Education #Anxiety #future #Career #MentalHealth #despair #Sadness


    I'm super excited!

    I'm going to be a preschool teacher! After working 10 years in the corporate world I'm switching my career back to teaching.

    Working in the corporate world can feel exhausting, overwhelming and honestly like I'm a human robot.

    I'm excited to do work that's meaningful and rewarding. These little lives are trusting me to guide and help them learn in a safe fun environment. As my mom would say, "I'm up for the job!"

    A big source of my unhappiness stemmed from not being fulfilled in my career. I believe that's why a lot of people are unhappy. Its what we spend most of our lives doing so we should do what we love.

    I love teaching, I love leading by example and I love guiding children who will one day rule the world. They are our future and the responsibility is mine.

    If you can, do it for your mental health, do it for your passion, do it for your life. Live the life you've always dreamed of.

    Switching careers doesn't take away my depression and anxiety but I understand I need to do the things that feeds my soul and exites me in a good way. We're only here for a limited amount of time. I might as well live it how I want to even if that means coloring outside of the lines a little.

    I want to know your experience about a sudden switch in careers. What are you passionate about? Are you doing what you love?

    #Teaching #passion #Children #preschool #Depression #Career #Anxiety #Love #dreams #god #MentalHealth #Trust


    Career thoughts/advice

    So my current job isn’t the greatest. There’s just no respect from my boss and honestly I’m supposed to be an operations manager and I barely do any operations anymore, just sales which isn’t my passion. I like more behind the scenes inventory type work. I’m currently going to school for software development but it will take me some time before I have enough skills to even get an entry level position. I’ve been with the company for 5 years but I know my boss isn’t going to change her ways and how she treats me and the rest of the team. She’s been reported in the past but nothing has ever come of it.
    I’ve debated whether I should stick it out until I finish school or find a new job.

    Is it worth looking for a different job that’s willing to match my current pay? What are your thoughts? I’m just anxious about making any wrong decisions or doing things impulsively. #MentalHealth #Career #Anxiety

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    Bigotry And The Bystander Effect

    🗣 - “Someone who has made up their mind will not change their mind. So, stop trying to worry about the fee-fees of someone who’s a terrible human being.”

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    30:30 - Workouts: Worth the effort. Bigots: Nope. -

    40:55 - City Council Approves To Prefer #Kindness -

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    I Feel Burnt Out.

    I feel burnt out. I’ve had to take an exam while working and studying. It is incredibly tiring and deeply exhausting for me to be in the constant judgment of a person who holds some form of control over my ability to get a job.

    I’m feeling as if I’m not even able to express how much this procedure has been causing me undue concern about my intellect, skills, ability to fit into a workplace, and talents. I am second guessing my abilities nearly every day now. It is something that is deeply rejecting, and makes me feel hatred towards myself.

    I don’t want to be second guessing all the time. I have a degree, am studying for another degree, and am working. I have career experience. What is it that people want which I don’t present to them during my application and why is it that they don’t inform me?

    I feel as if I am being cheated out of a career and the promise of job security. I always apply to an organisation but rarely get a response back from them. It’s as if they can’t bother to see the value my application brings them, and don’t bother to respond.

    I feel like my education means nothing. My career experience means nothing. My skills mean nothing. So what is it that people want which education and skills alongside experience cannot provide?

    Do I need to become an elected leader? Win a global competition? Become a world record holder? It is extremely unfair that my job search isn’t bearing fruit the way it should be for people that have a good education and qualifications to apply with.

    It’s frustrating to see the rejection that is so common. All of the applications being sent out get rejected before there is even a response from the company. There isn’t much to be confirmed and then an application is rejected. The interviews don’t lead to anything significant or meaningful.



    Interviewing Anxiety

    I've been off work for years raising our toddler. GAD, SAD, Panic Disorder, Postpartum Anxiety... my diagnosis between 2006 & 2022. After working in marketing for 11 years, then having these years at home not working, I have developed a legit, serious fear and uncontrollable anxiety with physical manifestations (nausea, sweating, no focus, etc.) leading up to interviewing and re-entering the job market. I know that I have to use CBT techniques and will meet with my therapist on the 29th; but gosh, this is like hell for me. Before the baby, before our time off, before COVID-19, etc., I never got nervous or anxious like this before an interview. I did really well for the most part. Now, I can't shake this feeling. Help! #AnxietyAttack #Career #jobanxiety #interviewing #PanicAttacks