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I can’t make myself throw up. I tried everything and I just can’t. After I binge I feel like a failure doubly. The next day I fast few h and again.

#BulimiaNervosa #Vomiting #Fasting #BingeEatingDisorder #BINGE #EatingDisorders

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My vyvanse has been increased to 50mg, and I noticed that I have a lot of adrenaline. But I did notice that it’s really helping me with my binge eating disorder. #ADHDInGirls #BINGE eating disorder


#BINGE eating has made my husband mad at me for not caring about myself

anyone else dealing with this? how do you deal with it?


How do I stop a #BINGE when #depressed ?

I've had #Anxiety and #Depression for about 15 years now, but lately, life's been difficult and it's getting to me. I have undiagnosed binge eating problems that are exacerbated by depression and anxiety.

My question is, how do I get back to focusing on my health and nourishing my soul, rather than eating everything in sight when I am feeling this way? #BingeEatingDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #help

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I think I have a binge eating disorder

Im 99% I have it. And I have for years. Everytime I binge I think "that was the last time, no more" and I still binge again. At this point I've been binging about 3-5 times a week and afterwards I feel so fat and disgusting. I tend to binge on white bread that I know I shouldn't eat because I'm gluten intolerant but I just think to myself "f*ck it, I don't care". But I do care afterwards.
I've just binged and now I feel so horrible and gross. I'm so disappointed in myself. Again..
I know I should go to the doctor but I'm too embarrassed. I've already been to the doctors so many times with all my other health issues. I don't know what to do anymore.
#BingeEatingDisorder #BINGE



Usually I stress eat and also eat a lot when I’m home alone. I started to lose weight because I was a little more active and Wellbutrin makes me not as hungry. This started in August. It’s now beginning of March and i have lost about 60 lbs. before I wasn’t paying attention or trying to lose weight I like to control my stress eating but it may have gotten out of control. I am eating probably 500 calories a day and I have noticed my hair is thinner. But I don’t want to gain any weight. #Depression #BINGE #FoodRestrictions #Selfharm

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#Male #EatingDisorder

Hi my name is Juan, I'm a male with a #BINGE #bed I have struggled for over 10 years and I attended a IOP treatment program for 3 months back in 2017. I observed while attending I'm was the only man their and 99.9% we're all women. I noticed majority of the clients feared me because some of them were sexually assaulted or have bad relationships with there dad's. After I graduated from IOP program, I haven't gone back because I don't feel really supported and alone living with a eating disorder. I feel as if there is lack of eqauilty ED community, men do struggle but we keep slient though.