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#MentalHealth #Fasting #Day1 #change #Bipolar #personalitydisorder #bipolard

Hello how is everyone? Good I hope I just wanted to share I've starting a new program today in hopes of getting my health back I suffer from a lot of things and Im starting to think it's cause I'm over weight I'm the biggest I've ever been and I researched fasting and it seem to be a good choice has alot of amazing benefits today is my first day I know it's gonna get hard but I've made a choice so I know I can do it if y'all could send me good vibes is appreciate it thank you hope everyone is doing well 🖤🙃✌🏻 Mindyl

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I can’t make myself throw up. I tried everything and I just can’t. After I binge I feel like a failure doubly. The next day I fast few h and again.

#BulimiaNervosa #Vomiting #Fasting #BingeEatingDisorder #BINGE #EatingDisorders

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Idk if i need help !TW ANOREXIA!

I've not eaten in 18hrs now. Usually i don't eat for 18/20hrs every day. With today i've fasted for almost 10 days i think... and when i eat, i eat less than 200 calories. Today i don't want to eat nothing, yes i've reached the 18hrs but i don't want to eat. I suffer from anorexia and now my bmi is 15.0. I don't know what to do because yes i feel so bad and i have 0 energy but i don't want to tell anyone i know because i don't want to disappoint them and....i don't want help. But i want to talk to someone of what i'm doing and what happens to me or how i feel without the risk to trigger this person....and if someone wants to chat i usually don't talk. So i'm alone i guess......
I feel guilty for this post but i needed to. #AnorexiaNervosa #help #Sorry #Fasting #whatshouldido

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How I defeated clinical depression in 10 days #Depression #BrainFog #Brain zaps #Suicide #Fasting #Antidepressants #Keto #withdrawal #duloxetine #Mirtazapine

Iv been diagnosed with depression since I was 28 Now Iam 40 years old still taking bloody medication. If I forget to take it for 1 day the depression hits me hard. Iam dependant on these prescribed drugs mirtazapine and duloxetine To function normally.
Anyway as you get to 40 you realise you have gained excess body fat,toxins are stored in your bodyfat.
I heard about fasting through several friends to detoxify the body and change into a ketogenic state so your body uses fat as primary source of fuel instead of carbohydrates.
A 3 day fast is recommended for a good detox and to regenerate new cell growth amongst other things. My first attempt I could only do 2 days. Then I succumbed to a chocolate coated digestive biscuit Hahaha.
I left it a few month and tried again 2.5 days.
Left it another few months and this now being my 3rd attempt passed the milestone of 3 days. Now the benefits of fasting don’t happen until you get past 3 days.
So I kept going I got to 9 days with not eating and only consuming 2 litres of water per day along with 2 multivitamins once in morning once in evening as lots of water flush vitamins and minerals out of your system so you have to keep replenish them.
The first day is always the hardest 2nd day Not is bad. But after 3 days it’s just normal you could go on forever if you wanted to.
So why am I talking about fasting to lose excess body fat well that was only reason for me to fast before I would rejoin the gym.
Except something happened whilst I was fasting that I did not expect. In my later days of my fasting I no longer felt I had depression life felt good I didn’t feel weighed down. The medicine was overwhelming me after 10 mins I would stagger up to bed so i reduced it down to half. I was still drowsy after taking my meds before bed so I decided to do something that was a huge risk.
I stopped my meds completely all was good go 4 days after my fast had stopped I was making delicious omelettes and cooking nutritious food.
Then the withdrawal effects kicked in I could no longer eat, I had an amazing sense of smell my house smelled awful the slightest smell of food made me vomit I could not keep water down. I was waking up drenched in sweat suffering intense horrific nightmares. I was suffering brain fog and brain zaps.
In the past when I was doing insanity workout dvd and consuming lots of water it made me suicidal within 2 days as it basically got rid of my antidepressants out my system far too quickly too much water and exercise can be extremely bad for you I almost nearly ended my life at this point.
Now Iam off sick from work due to withdrawal effects from prescribed medication from 12 years of use. But the main thing is I don’t have Depression Iv freed myself from the meds and the illness.
After I was telling people about this one person advised that I should watch “the magic pill” on Netflix it’s about how keto diet cures illness.