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Hey everyone! Not a bad stomach day today! I held down my food all day and didn’t get nausea or vomiting. I’m feeling pretty hopeful right now! Spreading hope! 🫶 #stomachillness #goodstomachday #nausea #Vomiting #Undiagnosed #ChronicPain #chroniccondition

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Hey everyone! Rough stomach day today as usual. But I’m trying to remain hopeful! Here’s my daily affirmation in case anyone else needs to hear it!☺️ #stomachillness #Undiagnosed #chroniccondition #Roughday #nausea #Vomiting

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I can’t make myself throw up. I tried everything and I just can’t. After I binge I feel like a failure doubly. The next day I fast few h and again.

#BulimiaNervosa #Vomiting #Fasting #BingeEatingDisorder #BINGE #EatingDisorders

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What do you do to distract yourself while in the hospital?

Here I am, once again, in the hospital. Repeat cultures off antibiotics came back positive, ugh... Frustrating after doing a month of IV antibiotics that infection didn't fully clear... Of course GI bleed is acting up and had ti get yet another transfusion... Due to covid only allowed one visitor and only certain hours, so lot of down time alone... Hard not ti focus on the pain so trying to find distractions. What do you all do while in the hospital or when alone? Suggestions?Looking for ideas! TIA #Hospital #Sepsis #Infection #Gastroparesis #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Dysautonomia #OrthostaticHypotension #Lowbloodpressure #nausea #Vomiting #transfusion #GastroparesisFlare

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Struggling with #abdominalpain

So tired of living in such pain all the time, i know my mighty friends understand! Spent the day at the ER because my G tube literally fell out in the midst of a bout of violent vomiting... I have a g tube for venting my stomach to decrease the vomiting but stopped working Friday night, low and behold, because it was no longer in proper place! Well, on the bright side at least he got it back in but not before sending my pain through the roof. He had to apply a ton of pressure and even with decreasing size felt like he was trying to put a blunt screw through to my spine via my already chronically painful abdomen. Not to mention how sore i am from all the vomiting that's been going on for days... Lidocaine did little to help and apparently the fascia had already started closing so he was literally stuffing the blunt tube in, tearing through the fascia. Home now but dealing with the aftermath and know I'm not getting any sleep tonight... Would love some distraction please? Or advice on what my fellow spoonies do to deal with extreme painful nights, especially abdominal pain? TIA #Upallnight #ChronicPain #abdominalpain #FeedingTube #Gtube #Gastroparesis #nausea #Vomiting #Dysautonomia #Dysautonomiastruggles #HypermobileTypeEDS #ChronicIllness #NeverGiveUp


How does #Anxiety physically affect you?

I’ve been dealing with GI issues for15 years. It wasn’t until rehab last year that I truly recognized that anxiety directly relates to GI issues. But it has been worse than ever since the Pandemic started. I’m vomiting every other day at least, completely lost my appetite, so nauseous I want to cry, and the acid is welling up inside me. I went to the GI doctor a few days ago, he put me on more stomach meds, anti nausea and anti acid, and said he wasn’t ruling out anxiety. My psychiatrist put me on 3x the gabapentin I was taking. But I’m still sick today! When I was in treatment, all of this was slowly going away. Although I do have GERD, IBS and esophogitus, I wanted to ask, does anyone else feel completely crippled by their physical side effects? Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone else vomit from anxiety? #sick #Stomach #help #Vomiting #Anxiety #GIDiseases


So tired of it

It’s not even the pain that gets to me . It’s the debilitating nausea that makes me feel weak. Ugh somehow I can’t wait for my next GI appointment.


Sent home from work sick....

Well my day started off amazing! I was driving into work and my vision was getting all double and blurry and I said to myself, "oh this happens a lot shouldn't be anything much to worry about" I get into work and everything is spinning and my stomach is sooo nauseous and doing acrobatic tricks, I'm sweating and as white as my chef coat, two times I raced to the restroom down the hall, then I'm all getting stuff ready in the kitchen to cook breakfast and the server says, "Do you want me to call........?" my boss, and I say Yes! as I heaved myself over an industrial trashcan and vomited my guts out. I felt a million times better afterwards, probably a combination of eating something too fatty last night and vertigo kicking in, but none the less I still had to leave since I work in a healthcare facility and I would with an at risk population, vomiting is a straight ticket home no matter what. im lucky that I'm swimming in PTO hours or I'd be angry about the whole thing. Just not how I wanted to start my day. #Vertigo #Fibromyalgia #Vomiting #nausea #nauseous #senthomesick



Just woken up at 6am to vomit, but barely anything came up. I hate symptoms like this because I can never be sure if it’s fibromyalgia or something else and it really worries me. #Fibromyalgia #Vomiting #FibromyalgiaSucks