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Looking for advice/#familysecrets

I had an extremely hard life. From being homeless as a child to being #Molested as child and #raped at 15. My father molested me as a child for many years and then there were at least 3 #inappropriate situations that happened with my #brother that remember vividly. I did not come to find out that my father had molested my 3 brothers and a cousin until a few years ago. The situation that I am having now is I have been struggling with #Flashbacks and trying to make peace with it all if possible. At the time of the situations with my brother I was elementary school age and he is 15 years older than me. When the molestation came out my sister had gone to my mom regarding my father. My #mom basically threatened my fathers life and kicked him out. Thing is I do not recall when I told her about my brother but I know I was older. My mom made excuses for him and how I look at it gave him a pass. I am not mad at my mom for this even thou I’m guessing I should be a little. My mom is very close with my brother they talk every single day more than once. I love my mom more than anything. We have been through a lot together. Recently my brother had a stroke and I feel terrible about it but for some crazy reason I’ve come to some sort of fight within myself. I have talked to my brother over the years as normally as I could. Since he had the stroke we have not talked. Other than text. My mom keeps telling me to call him. I don’t know why but I just don’t want to call. I also don’t want to get into anything with my mom she’s 87 and there’s no point at her age to cause her to get upset or bring her any more #Stress . My sister passed this year then my brother had a stroke. Sorry this is so long. Anyways do I just call to make my mom happy ? Thing is my brother will l talk and talk keeping me on the phone when I really don’t want to talk to him. I truly am only nice to him because of my mom. Any #Advice on how to approch this situation ?


My brother

My brother doesn't talk to us anymore. Not even me, my mother or my father. He is always on his phone whenever he is around us. And other time he is in his room locked up. God knows doing what. My parents have tried to talk to him and tried to get to know what is happening with him. He talks very rudely to them and pushes them away. He has lived in another city/state for almost 7 years he came back home to join my father for work, but he doesn't goes there. I tried talking to him he never talks to me politely, either he will give me some or scold me push me away. Because of his behavior my parents are both getting depressed and stressed. There were already so many reasons for them being already stressed he added more. What should I do? #brother #Familyproblems #Depression


PMSING family members

How do you deal with a brother and a dad who are on their periods 24/7? It’s getting ridiculous how much and what they blow up over... #ToxicPeople #Angerissues #stopitgetsomehelp #pASSIVEaGGRESSIVE #familyissues #Dad #brother


#brother #Suicide

My brother and I are closer than anything or at least we used to be. He tries to take his life 2 months ago and was in a coma for 2 days and weren't sure if he was gonna pull thru. This was his several attempted suicide. Again tonight I get a Snapchat saying he tried to take his life, once again. One of these days it's gonna be a phone call saying he didn't make it and I can't take losing my other half....😭😭😭