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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Anyone got tips for dealing with hip bursitis?

    I’m 27 and my first big flare up of bursitis in my right hip started four days ago. I’ve been dealing with relatively mild pain from it for a while now (relatively mild compared to my other chronic pain— my good days for my general everyday pain are a 5/10 on the pain scale) but on Friday I woke up from a really deep sleep and if I wasn’t so used to pain, I would have screamed it hurt so much to even minutely shift anything connected to my hip, nevermind turn over or stand up. I haven’t felt that level of pain since I woke up from an osteotomy surgery on both feet before they had the chance to start me on a morphine we drip or anything.
    It’s been four days now, and it continues to hurt more than anything other than that surgery experience. I am someone who is used to pain: they can’t use x-rays to diagnose broken or fractured metatarsal bones anymore because the bones are just litered in old breaks, I’ve got pretty major muscle degeneration all in my legs, meaning those muscles are quite weak and painful to use, along with my neurological system going haywire and leading to a lot of neuropathic pain, the tendons in most of my major joints are messed up and painful…
    All this to say, I’m used to pain. I’ve been in pain since I was 8 years old, in disabling levels of pain since I was 15 or so. I’m used to it. I don’t cry from pain any longer, sometimes because I’m frustrated with my body and the pain it’s in, but not from the pain itself, you know? This pain has brought tears to my eyes, just because of how much it hurts.
    I’ve been icing it a lot, been taking ibuprofen, tried doing some of the stretches I looked up online but it just hurts too much. Sometimes it’ll give me some relief while I’m doing it, but ten minutes after I’m done the pain will be back even worse than before. All I can do is lie in my bed. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Also, I’m Canadian, so if this is a “go see your GP or whatever other doctor” situation, just say that, I’m lucky that my place of birth gives me the luxury of not worrying if I can afford healthcare

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    Feeling overwhelmed and fragile.

    Hello, I am new here, and happened to find the link to this group when I need it most.

    I have been suffering for years with on and off pain in different parts of my body. Going back 16 years, I had Achilles tendonitis in both feet for around 2 years. I had medication, Sulfasalazine for around 2 years and then the condition just seemed to go away. In the years that followed, I had lower back pain, and pain in my upper back and my shoulders which were just treated with physiotherapy. Added to this, I had chronic bursitis in both shoulders, chronic insomnia, headaches, also IBS. I have recently got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, mild ankylosing spondylitis, long term bowel inflammation, and I heard that my Achilles tendonitis is here for the long term, and my heal spur is here to stay. On top of all that I was diagnosed with BPD, anxiety, and depression. My doctor has not taken me seriously for the past 12 months and told me all my physical problems are between my ears and connected to my BPD. The mental health unit fired me because I could not submit to the 12 months of DBT they were offering. My new mental health worker is sure I have ADHD, I’m now going through the steps for a diagnosis, I always worked full time, but for the past 10 months, I have been working just half time. My company now want to reduce my salary for the hours that I am sick and want to assess if I am capable of ever returning to my work full time. If not, they can reduce my contract to half-time, and then I will have to be assessed by the disability service to see if I am sick enough to get disability payments, to help top up my half-time salary. It will be harder living on less income, but I know I cannot work more than 3 to 4 hours a day. The pain is just too much. The worry that the disability payments department will not accept me is making me worry and my overall condition worse. Sorry for going on for so long, but this has all just come to a head. On and off I get suicidal tendencies, when I think something bad is going to happen, or when the pain gets too much or when I feel no one is taking my pain and depression seriously. I was on feverin for the depression, but after 2 years, I felt it was just not helping me at all. I went to my doctor ( a different doctor in the same practice) I asked her for something different for the pain because the naproxen and paracetamol don't help at all. I told her that I was having suicidal feelings. She has taken me seriously and will contact my mental health worker, and look into other pain medication. I am just so petrified that I will not be granted disability for the hours that I don't work.

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    Just to introduce myself. I am a coloured pencil artist. I mainly draw nature. I’m also disabled. With a host of physical and some MH disabilities.

    <p>Just to introduce myself. I am a coloured pencil artist. I mainly draw nature. I’m also disabled. With a host of physical and some MH disabilities.</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Advice needed after rheumatology evaluation please

    <p>Advice needed after rheumatology evaluation please</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Hello Everryboddy ! ( I'm saying hello in my best Grover voice. ...a blue fur covered muppet from Sesame Street kid's program. )

    <p>Hello Everryboddy ! ( I'm saying hello in my best Grover voice. ...a blue fur covered muppet from Sesame Street kid's program. )</p>
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