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Chills no fever

Once again, my GP doesn’t know what’s wrong with me and my extensive Google searches haven’t come up with anything either. For the past year, I’ve been randomly getting chills but most often they happen when I’m about to go to bed or sit down. It doesn’t seem to matter how warm the room is or the bedding, it still hits. It even happened in summer which was a hot one. So I layer up and eventually fall asleep only to wake up sweating once my body has normalised. My doctor has done all the usual tests and literally given up. While I hope nobody else is going through this because it is so uncomfortable that it’s almost painful, I am really hoping for some answers. Please help me if you can. #chills #Undiagnosed #Fibro #Fibromyalgia #JHS #HEDS #help #question

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On a happier note!!

Loki, my youngest daughter and I went to the beautiful dog park again!! We didn't go to the river this time because it was a bit chilly today!!
It was nice to get the fresh air, watching a lady puppy tease Loki with his ball to get his attention!! It was a nice evening!! Time to get some sleep!! My fatigue is still going strong! I think it would have been better but I am having night sweat and chills this week so my qualityof sleep has not been good!! Fibromyalgia sucks! Haha..
Nighty nite
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Fatigue #Nightsweats #chills #GoodDay #MightyPets


Having Withdrawals

I ran out of my Paxil the other day without any refills left. I thought I could make it to my next appointment, but these withdrawal symptoms are no joke. Please learn from my mistake. Call your doctor if you need more meds before your next appointment. Stopping abruptly (or running out) can lead to some unpleasant symptoms. #paxil #Paroxetine #withdrawals #Depression
#Antidepressants #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #moodswings #SuicidalThoughts #hotflashes #chills #Anxiety