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AITA? My Comfort vs. My Boyfriend's

AITA? My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 30 years, and I've wanted out of it most of that time. When we'd be in his car when we'd go out and he had the air conditioning too high for me, I'd be freezing, which increased my need to pee, made me more nervous and anxious, and if I was on my period, I'd get cramps, often really bad ones. When I'd ask him to turn the air conditioning down, he'd say he was driving, and he needed the cold air to stay awake. That's reasonable, I guess.

When I'd be cold at home, however, he'd always tell me to "put on more layers." He preferred cooler temperatures to warmer because, as he said, "You can always put on more layers, but you can only take off so many." I found that flawed, because I thought it would be fair to take turns or equally have times when he gets to be more comfortable, and times when I get to be more comfortable.

Now, in the motel, he usually has it too hot. Right now is one of those times. He says in a very dominant voice that he isn't going to turn up the air conditioning (I'm the one who's usually too hot these days; I'm in menopause, and I'm morbidly obese), and I reminded him he's always said when it's too cold, you can put on more layers. He told me I could take off a layer. I'm only wearing a nightgown and incontinence underwear. Naked, I would stick to myself, and my OCD wouldn't like that. Am I wrong for expecting him to put on more layers, so I can be comfortable? It's hard to sleep when I'm hot. #Anxiety #Depression #OCD #menopause #Controlling #hotflashes


I Don't Get It #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #hotflashes #Boyfriend #Abuse #Controlling

I'm going to briefly ask about two things I don't understand about my boyfriend. Am I being unreasonable?

1. My boyfriend let me get dinner at Cracker Barrel yesterday. However, after I got back much later, he hadn't gotten me any snacks. I feel weak if I don't have a little something extra later.

2. I'm in menopause. My boyfriend has almost always put his comfort above mine. What I find odd in regards to me being hot while he complains of being chilly (it used to be the other way around most of the time) is, when *I* complain about being cold or hating cold weather, he says all you have to do is put on more layers. I hate putting on more. It restricts my movement and it's uncomfortable. So, why, when he's chilly, doesn't he put more layers on and letting me be more comfortable?

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Hot Flashes #Fibromyaliga #hotflashes #imsweatingatthegrocerystore #Sendhelp

Backstory; I’ve not been “officially” diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but it’s been largely assumed, and my doctor says I’m already on about half her recommended treatment plan as it is.

Now, question - are Fibromyalgia Hot Flashes a thing? I have them all day long, there’s never any indication that they’re coming, until I’m pouring sweat walking around the grocery store. And it never fails, my very touch motivated husband will want a hug, right at the high point, every single time. 🤬

I’m 41, so the beginning stages of menopause wouldn’t be unheard of either, but either way, I’m getting pretty sick of always needing extra deodorant, and still not smelling good. 😬 So should I take this to a doctor, and if so, should I go gynecologist, or primary care?


#cymbalta The First Dose

I took the first dose of Cymbalta last night before bed. My psychiatrist had suggested taking it at night, so I followed her advice.
So far:
I got restless legs. I had to take a bath to help calm that down. No biggie.
This morning I woke up quickly, which is the exact opposite of normal.
I do feel shaky and am having a crazy bad hot flash.
I also can tell that if I am not careful this feeling could escalate into a hypomanic episode. My Borderline means that for me hypomanic may only last for a short time (a few hours to a few days), but it can be really hard to cope with without self destructing.
I obviously don't have an opinion yet, but I am going to try to document this and then write about it on my blog once a week until I decide if it is helpful.
#Hypomania #hotflashes #Anxiety


Having Withdrawals

I ran out of my Paxil the other day without any refills left. I thought I could make it to my next appointment, but these withdrawal symptoms are no joke. Please learn from my mistake. Call your doctor if you need more meds before your next appointment. Stopping abruptly (or running out) can lead to some unpleasant symptoms. #paxil #Paroxetine #withdrawals #Depression
#Antidepressants #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #moodswings #SuicidalThoughts #hotflashes #chills #Anxiety

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Hot flashes be like...

I've been waking up at night so hot lately! Ice might just help... #hotflashes


Does anyone suffer from #hotflashes in their very early 30s. I have #Fibromyalgia

Recently I came to know that people with #Fibromyalgia Can experience hot flashes. Does any one Have this problem? if so how do you cope up with it? #Fibromyalgia #FibroFog


Anyone with fibromyalgia randomly feel really warm to the point clothes feel too much? No physical fever though, though I often get those randomly too

#Fibromyalgia #FMS #hotflashes #Fever


Anyone taking wellbutrin and sarafem? #wellbutrin #sarafem #generic #SideEffects #hotflashes #shaky #Bupropion #Fluoxetine #PMDD

I have been on bupropion 300mg for mdd for 1.5 years and just started 20mg generic Sarafem (fluoxetine) 1 week ago for pmdd. I'm having hot flashes and shakiness- anxiety and depression are not lifting. Anyone had experiences with this combo? Do side effects cease after a while?