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    What do you think?

    I have CFS and POTS, invisible illnesses, but I know that so many more chronic illnesses/disabilities are visible (ostomy bags, limb differences, feeding tubes etc. I love to crochet and sometimes sell what I make.

    With that in mind, if I were to sell say stuffed animals with these differences or in awareness colours, would it be ethical to do so, and do you think anyone would want to buy them?

    #Art #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigue #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #chronicallychillteens

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    Even when it’s easy, it’s hard

    My CFS is finally going away, (or going into remission or whatever I should be calling it lol) , or at the very least being amazingly managed by my meds and I am thrilled. I don’t have nearly as much pain, fatigue, PEM etc etc. I am so greatful to be recovering, but i wish it were easyyyy. Testing the limits, trying to get back to everyday life, trying to get my body back to how it looked before I got sick, trying to get in shape, trying to move on. It’s a weird niche . This is my thought 😂 also if anybody else has CFS look into low dose naltrexone for CFS #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #chronicallychillteens

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    Calling all chronically Ill teens!

    Hi guys, I’m looking to see if there are any teenagers here that suffer with chronic illness like I do, and want to join our little community. I am trying to gain members and get the group more active. Also i know these posts sound really like diplomatic but I usually talk like people our age I’m not weird 😂👀 so if you’re a teen with disabilities or chronic illness, come join @Chronically(Ch)Ill teens (click my profile to find the group, or search the name in groups) thanks <3 #chronicallychillteens #Disability #InvisibleIllness #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain


    You guys still here?

    I haven’t been very active on The Mighty but I plan to be. I see we don’t post much here either. Y’all should like interact with this so I can see who’s still here 👀also post stuff! We are chronically Ill, can’t relate to the older ones one the mighty, and it’s not like most able bodied people our age understand. Might as well enjoy the company. #chronicallychillteens

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    Holter Monitor

    I have recently started experiencing tachycardia throughout the day (especially while standing or walking) so my doctor (reluctantly) ordered a holter test, and I was hoping to hear about the test from people who have actually had one. Is it bulky or super visible? As a female, did you have to have the fine hairs on your chest or abdomen shaved for the test? Appreciate any bodies insights 😅 #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis


    Recovery is weird

    So couple things. I think I’m starting to get better but at the same time I have to remind myself I am not healthy, this is the medications I have to take to manage my illness, which is different. Sometimes I worry about feeling better because it is good, but it means having to go back to trying to function as a human being, while still having restrictions. Definitely a gray area. On top of that i feel I have gained a bit of weight, which isn’t the end of the world, but is frustrating. I generally have a good relationship with my body but I can be a little obsessive over things so I try not to pay it much mind. Anybody have advice on how to function in that awkward spot of sick yet recoveredish, and any thoughts on managing weight without your body screaming at you for it?

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    New symptoms?

    I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS and I have some other symptoms that are not congruent with CFS. As of yesterday I have started experiencing spasms or twitches or something of the sort in my fingers (pinky and index, not at the same time, and exclusively on my left hand) where it just kinda twitches back and forth for a little while. Additionally, on separate instances, the side of my left hand will feel just a little bit numb, like when a limp starts to fall asleep. Now the cherry on top is again, as of yesterday, both my hands will randomly turn bright red with a slight burning sensation (it actually just started up mildly as I write this lol) and a stiff tight feeling when I move my hand/fingers, but there’s no swelling, and it just goes away on its own. I haven’t seen my family doctor about my new symptoms yet, and many of the people on The Mighty have seen so many doctors they might as well be one. Thoughts?
    #chronicallychillteens #ChronicPain



    I have been sick since November 2020 with this “mysterious illness”, that nobody could seem to diagnose. At the beginning of July my doctor finally concluded that she thinks I have Post Viral ME/CFS and that it should go away in the next few months or so. I was thrilled to finally have a diagnosis. Fast forward to last week when I finally got to see a pediatric doctor (small town🙄✋) she said she doesn’t think it’s ME/CFS. Now I am beyond confused. Does that make me somebody with ME/CFS or somebody who is undiagnosed. I have a lot of the same symptoms that ME/CFS causes, especially post exertional malaise, but I also have symptoms that can’t be explained by ME/CFS. If anybody has any thoughts on this, I would love to hear them*

    *The pediatric doctor also mentioned maybe my brain is misreacting and sending signals to my body to cause my pain and other symptoms? Does anybody know of anything like that? **

    ** Lots of my other posts talk about my symptoms if anybody actually cares and is curious 🤣

    Thanks again guys!
    #chronicallychillteens #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Undiagnosed
    #Spoonie #ChronicPain


    Getting Sick? 😓

    I think I might be getting a head cold, and it’ll be my first one since developing ME/CFS. My body is pretty fragile as is and I’m worried how having a virus will affect me. Anybody know what I should expect?
    #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #chronicallychillteens


    Does anybody know anything about compression gloves for ME/CFS?

    I have ME/CFS and I can’t really do much so a lot of the time I just sit and colour, crochet etc etc but recently the joint pain in my fingers and wrists has been increasingly bothersome. I was thinking about trying compression gloves? If anybody else knows anything about joint pain and ME/CFS that would help please let me know #chronicallychillteens
    #ChronicFatigue #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis