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Amy advice on how to cope going to the dentist with anxiety... ##Anxiety #DentalAnxiety

I have an appointment tomorrow that I have been putting off for a long time and now I'm in pain and have no choice but I am so scared. I feel like I'm going to pass out or throw up. Anyone with any advice I would gladly appreciate it.

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Had an extreme nightmare!! #NightmareDisorder #Anxiety

I had a dream that one of my wisdom teeth became loose so I decided to go to my friends dentist. When I got there I had the hardest time finding my insurance card and it took me hours there to be seen. People were arguing over who gets to be seen first. “ I’ve been his patient for 8 years....I’ve been his patient for 10 years!” And I said “well I’ve been his patient for 8 hours and ready to be done” ...they let me go ahead of them. He got me in the chair and tried strapping my feet down with green ribbon. I could feel my panic setting in because I hate the thoughts of being held down. And he came near my face with the drill. I said “ Wait a minute!!!! Are you not going to numb me or anything?!! This pain will be too much on me!” He said “Well this is all for free.” I said “give me something so I don’t scream my head off!” He dipped his hands in this green gooey numb gel and put it over my tooth. Then I could feel the drill going up under my tooth. I could see myself holding onto his arm.
Then my bf woke me up because work was calling me. #DentalAnxiety #Anxiety #nightmare

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giving up shame #Depression

I've always had depression. I've been clinically diagnosed for 23 years. This has led me to have bad dental health. I have kept it to myself for the longest time. But this week I'm dealing with a lot of pain from a gum infection.

I decided that I am done with feeling like a bad person because I have trouble motivating myself to this kind of self care. I'm finished worrying about people judging me for my rotting teeth. I don't want those people in my world anyway.

I feel like this is a huge moment of growth for me and am proud of myself for taking care of myself instead of ignoring it. I've shared the process with my people and I'm so grateful for the love and care they've shown.

We need to talk about mental health, how it affects physical health, and how it is just as important as physical health even though there are often no visible symptoms.

#Selfcare #DentalAnxiety #growth

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Hello. Some struggles.

Really want to start using this app. Struggling with a lot right now & almost every article I read on The Mighty I can really relate to. #PMS is always hard. It exacerbates my #ChronicPain, #SensoryOverload, my #CPTSD.

I have two teeth on my bottom where there is a dead nerve & the one next it is looking bad too. It’s painful but I can’t do it with my sensory issues. Nitrous oxide is poisonous to me, local anesthesia doesn’t even work. I can’t deal with the metal scraping against my teeth, it’s painful, the sound, like nails on a chalkboard. I haven’t been in almost 8 years. I’m terrified. Nothing works well enough, not my anxiety meds. #DentalAnxiety

I’m kind of just full of fear about a lot. I have found I am #Autistic & #executivedysfunction is something I also deeply struggle with. So even calling the dentist & talking to them is overwhelming but something needs to be done.

I feel like I spend my life trying to relax every moment I can because I always feel so stimulated & “on”. On a positive note, I have recently have discovered “paint by numbers” for adults & am absolutely loving it. I have always enjoyed the sensory experience of painting but struggled to put my imagination on paper, this is more relaxing, like coloring books without having to make decisions on what to design & what colors to use. Takes all the decisions out of it which helps. It’s #TheLittleThings


I made it through 2 root canals today! #DentalAnxiety #Rootcanal #Lupus #Epilepsy

#CheerMeOn I am terribly afraid of the dentist. I literally have not been through any dental treatment without general anesthesia in over 10 years. Today I went in for a consultation and ended up leaving 2 hrs later with two root canals, lidocaine only. Dentures were in my future, but I managed to suck it up and save those molars today!


How bad are your dental fears? #DentalAnxiety

Mine are horrible. I haven’t been to the dentist since I was 16. (28 now) My mom didn’t take me to the dentist til I was 10. I had a horrible headache and I had an awful cavity. When I went to finally get my tooth pulled the dentist gave me laughing gas. I was doing good til I felt a pop. I started screaming and crying. I was begging the dentist to stop. His assistant was laughing at me. Til this day I have a severe fear of the dentist. I know I need to go but the fear is terrible. I know I probably need lots of work done too. I’m so embarrassed.

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Anyone else have dental workup fears because it can cause anxiety and pain flare ups?

I need dental work, but my past experience haven’t been pleasant. I have RA and fibromyalgia, and dentist and their assistants don’t seem to care. They been rough with me and caused me to be in more pain or caused a flare up. I’ve been told your to sensitive come back another day. But, I’m in pain everyday. I’m dreading looking for a dental office. #DentalCare #RheumatoidArthritis #Fibromyalgia #DentalAnxiety


My panic is back... again 😱😱😱🆘

I was feeling pretty calm and collected about needing to schedule my consultation for all of my upcoming dental procedures. I have a great DDS picked out who is certified an IV sedation and he was able to do most of what I need in one appointment. At least from what I’m told. However I learned today that the IV sedation they give is only twilight sedation which means I am still somewhat alert. When I found this office I was under the impression that they gave regular general anesthesia which is what I’m looking for. I want to be fully asleep! I don’t want to be aware of anything at all! My boyfriend says that it’s safer if I’m under twilight because that way they can still speak to me and I can follow commands, but I don’t want to follow commands! I want to be completely oblivious and surrounded by darkness and then just wake up… And go home! My mind is spiraling! I am sitting on my couch trying not to cry but the tears come anyways 😰😢😢😢 #Anxiety #PanicAttack #DentalAnxiety