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Is there anyone out there diagnosed with BPD and experiencing everything just 5 times more intense on their PMS ? It’s basically BDSM . I used to take mood stabilizers and SSRI and, lithium for a short time. I’m not taking medication due to the long term side effects instead I’m studying clinical psychology. Sometimes I get so drowned in knowledge that it becomes overwhelming ( I have astigmatism so it’s also hard to stare at the screen ). Anyway, is there anyone like me ? Could you please share your experiences and tips to cope with symptoms ? #BPD #PMS #symptoms #MentalHealth #mood

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I feel this is important to share. Yesterday I had a day planned out of going to therapy and soon after going to a barbecue that my mothers coworkers invited her to. But before we could go to the bbq we made a stop at Walgreens to get snacks and my sister ( I should mention that she’s on the spectrum) collapsed on the floor and coughed that made it sound like a projectile vomit… I expected the worst but my mother calmed her down and went to pay for the stuff while she told me to walk out with my sister to get in the car and wait for her to come back. I searched but couldn’t find the car that was ours. To my shock and helplessness, my sister layed on the ground next to a lookalike car and while I tried to get her off she refused. Suddenly a man walks towards us and I realized sooner that he was the owner of the car. Before he could say anything, I let him know that my sister was having a moment and I still made the effort to get her off the ground. He made a snarky remark by saying “yeah, I’m having a moment too” and entered his car. I shrugged it off. Meanwhile my sister won’t move and he stepped over her to get in the drivers side. She was flat on the ground at this rate. I repeatedly apologized the man but all he could muster was a “who’s in charge the adult or the child?” And I explained that my mom was inside. And that’s when he said “idc just hurry up and get her off my fucking car.” In a yelling voice. And I kept saying sorry. My sister still wouldn’t move. A part of me froze and wanted to run away and disappear. But then my mom came and yelling at why I stopped at a random car. And she helped her up and we went to the car. That’s when I started balling my eyes out. Completely ruined my day. #MentalHealth #ChronicDepression #Anxiety #Depression #tired #generalizedanxiety #Autism #AutismSpectrumDisorders #DelayedSpeech #sad #EmotionalHealth #PMS #checkin #Headache

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Advice on moving forward from an online connection? *PLEASE READ :)

This happened about 3 years ago now. The peak of Covid. I was going through a media craze and experienced so much toxic behavior from people I’ve spoken to. Suddenly I talk to this great guy from the UK and while things were going pretty fine, I was still so overcome and traumatized from other connections and even more so with a particular guy from Ohio ( I was emotionally manipulated and also love bombed *yikes*) and to put it lightly I’m a very deep emotional person, so I was going through deep waters. I just had a random urge to squash the relationship by insulting his looks and saying crazy obscene things to the point of him being completely offended and ‘shouting’ obscenities towards me in defense. But I guess I deserved it. He ended up blocking me with much hesitation though I tried apologizing and he wouldn’t buy it. With needless to say, that was our end. But now I realize that he was the only one who actually cared and wanted to get to know me deep down. And I find myself missing him and our. I messed up. It’s an awful feeling. I gave up the apps as a whole but now it feels like I’m waiting for a connection that might never come. But I still have hope. #MentalHealth #checkin #Depression #Anxiety #Relationships #Opinion #ADHD #Guilt #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #OCDTest #SuicidalThoughts #selfsabotage #lowselfesteem #SleepDisorders #Insomnia #moodswings #PMS #ChronicFatigue #Hope

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the hardest part is pretending that you're ok when you're tired but you have to smile and say you're fine.

One one can ruuine your mood. I hate how i take everything to heart.Just one of them day.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #Family #PMS

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A difficult week.

My therapist went on holiday for two weeks. Now she's back I feel like quitting therapy. There have been a few times I've felt worse afterwards as we talked about heavy issues. I think we could do with setting some goals in the present.
I want to go back I just feel really awful this week from medication side effects and pms which makes me shut people out. #PMS #CPTSD #Depression

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I've been moody all day. Wonder if#PMS my period is coming.

I don't wanna turn 40, I don't look it. lol But still don't wanna turn that age. UGH.

On tuesday someone did come a little late. I did kind of a group thing. I hate winter and cold. I can't waite already for warmer weather hahaha\\#Depression #TheMighty #MightyTogether

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Pms… #MenstrualCycle #Period #PMS #Irritable

Before the start of my menstrual cycle, I feel so angry, irribitable, restless, sad, apathetic… I just feel like I absolutely hate the world and everyone in it that steps in my way. I despise that feeling because it makes me push away the people that I love and rely on the most and I immediately regret it during and after my period. It really messes with the way I process my thoughts and makes my usual logic super irrational… When these feelings wash over me , I feel like I can hear myself screaming through the walls in my brain to stop. It feels like another me takes over like the abrasive side from that one SpongeBob episode. I’m trying to just distance myself when I feel like ruining a relationship over minuscule factors but that distance just makes my mind race.