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Unloved (I think)

I feel like a burden to my family and people I have chosen to be around me. Because no one understands, no one notices. No one. And through my sleepless nights I see texts through WhatsApp groups of people talking to each other, understanding each other...
When I try to be open it goes quiet and I can feel the silence...
And a different conversation will start because no one knows what to say to my broken...
If you feel this way aswell I am hear for you. What we pass through not many will understand so through The Mighty, talk to me because I need you even if or when you do not want to talk to me.... #foryourpage #Despression #alone #lonley #iamhere #Talk #talktome #youarenitalone



On Spotify I made a playlist only nf and I don’t know a lot of song and I am just vibing Nf da best for me #Despression #musicuntilthedaywedie #NF



I can't tolerate all this hate between me and the life I want to create
i just want to obliterate all the ways i look at my fate
Cut the bond between life and death
Because underneath it all we dont want to accept the reality of this life's futility
So don't hold your breath
Lets just rest
Underneath the water where everything seems calmer

#Despression #Anxiety #losemyself #afraidoftheunknown

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Every Day I'm struggling #Despression #Anxiety #PTSD #Bipolar

I both love and Hate were I work. Some days I do what I can to make sure what needs to be done, gets done. Then there are days where I feel like at some point I keep expecting to be fired for being a total fuck up. Those are the days where it seems like everything goes wrong. I've tried to explain to my managers what I'm going through, and they make like they think they understand, but they don't really know specifically WHAT I'm really going through. Everyone expirenceses mental illnesses differently, I HATE that I can't get through to everyone that I work with. It's agonizing. I just wish I could FINALLY get the disability I deserve.


Are there any teachers in this group? How are you managing the stress of going back to work in correlation to keeping your levels stable?



Comfort Bubble

Going to go spend some time tomorrow with my daughter and her boyfriend. I enjoy seeing them but I realy hate leaving the house when I don’t have to. But I know that I will enjoy myself if I just force myself to do it ya know? I hate that I am so anti socia but I do wish I could just climb into my comfortable little bubble and just stay there. #Despression #antisocialbehaviors

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#CheckInWithMe we made it to hump day

good morning Mighties We’ve made it to hump day which means two more days until the Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco yes I went there I am a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and they’re my favorite team and I’m looking forward to them winning The Super Bowl this year but with that being said here’s today’s quote instead of saying I’m broken damage say I’m really discovering myself I’m healing and I’m starting over As a person with a disability I’ve gone through this a lot in this quote really resonated with me I hope it sends positive vibes your way today and remember no matter what the obstacles you got to keep on stomping #CerebralPalsy #Parenting #Disability #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Despression #Anxiety



You know when you can feel yourself slipping back in depression and you don’t know how to stop it. Some months are better than others and some can be the worst, like the ones where you don’t want to leave your bed or eat.
I’ve tried talking to people for so many years and yet it has never helped, I always find that I refuse to open up and talk and that I can never be comfortable, even when it’s someone I’ve talked to a thousand times.
I wish I could just stop feeling like this, and I’m trying so hard. #Anxiety #Despression