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To the one who had me but let go

You had me
I would have done anything for you
Looking back I am reminded of what we could have been and not what we were
Missing you is like missing the rain
Once the storm hits I reminded of your power but once you leave me dry I’m missing you all over again

#lonley #betteroff #missingwhatisntthere #YouGotThis

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Unloved (I think)

I feel like a burden to my family and people I have chosen to be around me. Because no one understands, no one notices. No one. And through my sleepless nights I see texts through WhatsApp groups of people talking to each other, understanding each other...
When I try to be open it goes quiet and I can feel the silence...
And a different conversation will start because no one knows what to say to my broken...
If you feel this way aswell I am hear for you. What we pass through not many will understand so through The Mighty, talk to me because I need you even if or when you do not want to talk to me.... #foryourpage #Despression #alone #lonley #iamhere #Talk #talktome #youarenitalone


Is there really someone for everyone?

Read a post that asked the question why put up with being alone if you’re gonna die eventually anyway? And that really has me thinking. Most of us live our lives just barely above water. Drowning most of the time with little to no lifeline. Alone or at least feeling lonely even when surrounded by people. Can it be we were just put here to see how many people can survive without first removing themselves from the game, the game of life. Which is unfair and almost always stacked against you. We want to be seen, loved, understood. But most of us never find anyone who can fully and completely and wholly love all of us even the darkest parts that we often hide and can’t love ourselves. IDK been thinking lately about how everyone has someone. As humans we weren’t built to be alone yet so many of us are. Maybe it’s a lie we tell ourselves. The lie being that there is someone for everyone. Maybe there isn’t. Maybe some of us just aren’t meant to have someone. #lonley #alone #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD

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Early onset Alzheimer’s

Is there anyone who suffers with early onset Alzheimer's #lonley

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These "Lonley" Men Sending DMs...

Since I've been on The Mighty, I've had several requests for DMs. The conversations never went anywhere, and I didn't think anything about it. Then I was on here and read an article about emotionally predatory men (yes I'm sure there are women too) who come on here, scan for who seems #Vulnerable , then proceed to try to talk to these vulnerable people in an effort to #manipulate said people for their own nefarious reasons. I was floored. I thought about it, and I have NEVER had one single woman send me a DM. It's always been men. Then it occurred to me that when I said "Hey what's up?" Virtually all of them said "I'm just looking to chat with someone because I'm #lonley ." Yet when I tried to talk about mental or physical health or anything appropriate for The Mighty, they had nothing to say. When I looked at these men's profiles, virtually all of them had made zero comments, no real bio, were not in any groups, but we're following like 30 Mighty members, who allllll happen to be female.
I feel really angry with myself for not catching this sooner, but I'm working through that anger. So now, when I get random DMs from some guy, I always say "Hi, what were you needing to talk about?" Not ONE of them has even replied. At all.
Just remember to be careful. Emotional predators are real, and they are everywhere, including The Mighty.
#EmotionalPredator #unsafe #manipulation #EmotionalHealth

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#lonley #Flashbacks #CheckInWithMe

Ive been having repeated flashbacks all day and all last night of the same event. And its really getting me down... I hate new years eve and day everyone else seems to have their own possie and doing things and im left alone. Not only is it triggering for me its easyer if I have people around me that I trust as it takes my mind of of it. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't feel strong and I just want o sleep all day and sometimes the though of what's the point anymore comes into my head. I need a friend or two or a partner in crime but I have none of those and I don't trust my family. I hate ptsd and depression and anxiety.....



I’m so tired. I’m having terrible nightmares and I wake up screaming and my throat dry and even though there are 3 other ppl in this house I am always alone. There is absolutely no one on my life and sometimes I like it that way, no chance of getting hurt. But staying up all night because I am too scared too to sleep over and over, it’s pretty shitty. Did anyone know there is actually a word to describe someone who wants a relationship before they have sex. They are demisexual. They want to take time. I guess that might b me. From being frozen to never wanting again. Terrified of it. Maybe the right understanding gy

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#alone #lonley #angry #sad

i would run to your house if you needed me, but when i need you your to busy. i get it though, im the expendable one of the group.

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#lonley #Hurtinginside ##PTSD

Despite doing everything I want (I died my hair purple) and the freedom of leaving a DV relationship... I feel so lonely it's hurting on the inside. I so badly want to be held and hugged to sleep... I just want to feel safe again and not just know it in my head.... I wanna stop hurting.... I want the flashbacks to stop.. I want the negativiy in my head to stop..... I just would like someone here who gets me.... I feel so alone in this world.... I feel liklike a failure anand that I'm not worthy..... #alone #paincattack

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