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My mom might be #emotionallyabusive

Me and my friends think that my mom is #emotionallyabusive towards me. She constantly tells me I should go and just live with my dad and makes me want to hurt myself. She acts like I'm not good enough and has called me rude, conceited, selfish, a liar and more, when I'm just trying to not bother anyone and be the best I can for her. I even once told her that one of the things she said really hurt me and asked her politely to stop saying that, and guess what she did? Said it again, like any kind parent would do. So, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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Father’s Day brunch

Went out to brunch and I was ignored the entire brunch. I was invited by my sister who I haven’t seen in a year. I was totally ignored. I am a different person with my family. My sister made inappropriate comments relating to me. I thought my sister would have been different since I was invited. She interrupted me. I kept trying to talk and no one wanted to hear what I had to say. A duck is a duck is a duck! #familysucks #emotionallyabusive

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Suggestions on how to cope with possible #PTSD acquired in an # #emotionallyabusive relationship???

My boyfriend just left me, in the middle of a mental break down, when I needed him most. Besides that he was very emotionally abusive to me.. he’d get me in the corner, scream in my face, call me names, made me fear for my physical safety sometimes. I already suffered from #MentalIllness before I got with him. Now I’m free from that and I’m trying to cope with the feelings of being alone, lost, overwhelmed, betrayed, insecure, sad, and angry. Anyone else go through #DomesticAbuse and end up with #PTSD ??
Any suggestions on how to cope and slowly get back into life?? 😏😏😏

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