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Probation periods on jobs

I think jobs need to revisit probation periods for jobs. Not being able to take off until 3 months or a year is a bit extreme. Perhaps giving folks the flexibility will change the climate of a job. Probation periods can feel like a punishment at some jobs. I get it you want stability so do I. There has to be a better way to do things.

#Jobs #Flexibility #probation #healthty #Work #Environment

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Are you sensitive to your environment?

Individuals with PTSD are often highly sensitive to their environments. They notice every little detail, scanning for safety cues or potential danger. When a sense of security is achieved in an environment, like the therapy room, any changes to that environment can create an immediate sense of discomfort.

Dear Therapists, a Reminder That the Physical Setting of The...

Are you sensitive to your environment? If so, how do you react to change and does it influence your feelings of safety?

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Therapy #Environment #change #Hypervigilance #Safety

Dear Therapists, a Reminder That the Physical Setting of Therapy Really Matters

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Climate change is a huge problem and most certainly EXISTS

Why are people still debating over the reality of climate change? It might be too late before everyone’s convinced it truly exists #Environment

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What’s one small thing we can do to help the environment? #52SmallThings

Wednesday is Earth Day! That’s why this week’s self-care challenge is about taking care of the planet we live on, too. Let’s brainstorm some small ways we can have a big (and positive!) impact on the environment. It can be as quick and easy as swapping a plastic water bottle for a reusable one or riding your bike instead of driving your car for a short distance trip.

#MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Disability #Parenting #Cancer #Autism #Environment


Dealing with environmental stresses. #Environment

I am Marvin. I am forty nine years old and have been diagnosed with having a severe and chronic mental illness. I am also an aspiring unaccomplished writer, who was born and raised in the city of Cincinnati Ohio. I grew up in impoverished project housing units throughout the city, being raised by a single mother during my childhood years who was physically abusive, and suffered from a personality disorder. Because i was a "brainiac" growing up, i had the opportunity to attend some of the best schools in my city, some being all white student population. I always excelled in Academics but lost my mother in a custody battle with my grandmother in 1983 when i was thirteen. My grandmother had seventeen children and the family was also abuse-orientated and dysfunctional. I lost my education at Princeton High School located in Sharonville Ohio in 1987 because i was caught with a large quantity of marijuana. I was expelled, prosecuted, and put in the school's newspaper for me disgracing this prestigious high school. My grandmother kicked me out the house and i began living as a homeless teenager in down town Cincinnati (Over-The-Rhine.) For years i struggled off and on with homelessness and environmental issues (i.e., drugs, alcohol, and high levels of violence.) I even got myself caught up in the world of adult predators and excessive fornication. Several suicide attempts secured me in the world of mental health. Today i am currently fighting my way out of a negative environment, to eventually write a best-selling novel about my horrific upbringing.


#Environment #52SmallThings

Roundup. **SIGH**
I was brought up on a farm; married a farmer.  Roundup was used constantly.  I used it for years, spraying it to kill the weeds in the yard.  
Breathed it.
Got it on my skin, in my hair.  
Always thought it was No Big Deal.

NOW -- I feel like I might as well have been swimming in a tub at Monsanto.  And while I was controlling the weeds, I was poisoning myself.  
I am currently looking for a different type of weed management tool, other than a hoe and my back!
I've seen a "recipe" using vinegar and salt in the sprayer.  Think I will give it a try.


#Environment #52SmallThings

Recently, I took a hard look at all of the cleaning products in my utility room and under the kitchen sink. Such a truckload of chemicals, UGH.  So I did a huge purge, ridding myself of two huge bags full of harsh, smelly, harmful chemicals.  
I mainly use white vinegar and baking soda, sometimes lemon and salt now.  I am amazed at how easily these "homemade" cleaners work -- and how much cheaper they are than the chemicals I've used in the past.