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× " I Had An Extremely Busy Day Along With Stress " × #extremely Exhausted

× " I Ran The Register All Day Plus Clean The Dine-In Etc.. Atleast The Old Hen's Were Quite All Day... Not Critical Or Bossy Today.. It Was A Mircale.. I Have Tomorrow And Saturday Off... I Need A Break.. I Feel Like I'm Going To Have Another #Mentalbreakdown ... At The End Of My Shift I Went To Go Clean And Lucky Me.. I Found $20.00 And On My 1st Day I Found $5 LOL Sooo Atleast That Topped Off My Day... Now I Just Hope To Be Left Alone For 2 Day's I Need Sleep And I Also Hope That Thing's Change At My Job Today Was The Last Day Of My Favorite Male Assistant Manager He Put In His 2 Week's... It Suck's... He Just Wanted To Make The Store And Hopefully Raise Employee Moral... But Nope My GM Love's Not Giving Other People Control Or Want To Try And Change Thing's... It's No Wonder Why People Keep Quitting.. I'm Also At The Brink Of Wanting To Find Something Diffrent But I'm Not Happy It's Just More Stress And Pressure On Me And My Physical And Mental Health" × #AnUpdate ☆°•°☆ •°•☆☆ S.K. ☆☆•°•☆


#extremely anxious and depressed (part 2)

I go back and work at the shelter tomorrow. I hope to see my supervisor so I can talk with her. I hope I can continue to work there as I’ve made a mistake last Sunday and I’m sad about it and anxious. If any of you all see this, would you pray for me? This anxiety is just too much for me to handle

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#stressed about opening schools

I work for a school. Yesterday the president said children need to physicallly go back to #School . This has me #extremely stressed. I don’t want to #wear a mask because it’s going to be so hot.


#extremely -frustrated #ineedhelp ##ineedtreatment

I am totally frustrated and worn out, I have gone to my Psychologyst asking for help, I have been on treatment with him since 2005, all I get is drugs. I am so tired of... I want to get to the root of my trauma which is much,
C- ptds since I was a little girl.
#War #ChildAbuse #abondonment #Rape#loseofmyfather
#spousalabuse ; #mental #verbal;
#religious ; rape by his friend;
#caretakerofothers ; #watchin #watching death many times over.

I left my husband with a suitcase,
I've been living mostly out of my car, my brother's couch for the last eighth years... While he has a wonderful life with a family and Hardley Davidsons.

I have fought to stay sane, but at this point I feel I am loosing my battle... I asked my Dr. To please send me to a treatment center .
The problem is I have Medicare as Primary. And Tricary for life as seecondary.... This week has been hell for me, the only place Medicare will approve is
"Wilmington treatment Center"
I have heard some bad things about this place...
Has anyone been there, or knows of someone that has been there?

Or knows of a place in the Raleigh area that they would recommend.? Please I am begging. # #desperately #searching