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Sorrowful. Close family member with terminal cancer. She’s still alive but the grief is already here. Draining all our energy and joy. Already grieving. #Grief #fightingdepression #sorrow

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Depression Struggles, reminiscing about happy times

Mental Illness is a constant battle with yourself…. Being surrounded by people that loves you is half the battle. I will Keep on fighting because it’s a crazy world out there but there’s also so much kindness, love and beauty everywhere. I wish for so much but I’m at a point where I really wish for finding my free spirited, truly happy self again
#MentalHealthAwareness #fightingdepression #deression

“I started calling that girl back. The girl who loved living, the girl who danced instead of walking.
The girl who had sunflowers for eyes and fireworks in her soul.
I started playing music again, hoping she would come out.
I started looking for beautiful moments to experience, so she would feel safe enough to show herself, because I knew she was in there.
And she needed my kindness and my effort to come to the surface again.”

~ S.C Lourie: Butterflies and Pebbles #MentalHealth #MajorDepression


Did some chores today! #Depression #Motivation

Today I finally (after a few months of trying) mopped my kitchen and dining room floors. I knew it needed to be done for a while but could never build up enough motivation to get it done. Of course, because I waited so long to do it I really had to put work in to get some parts clean.
Once it was dry and I sat and looked at it, I felt better looking at it compared to before when it was dirty. To anyone else it’s a no biggie, but for me it was a major accomplishment and I’m feeling really proud of myself. I think you guys would understand. #fightingdepression #Ididit

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Defeating Depression

I learned that if I just sit around and doze off, I will get depressed. I'll feel like I've wasted away a day where I could be doing something to help others. If nothing else I should be cleaning my apartment. Essentially if I'm unproductive the depression rises, but once I get off my ass and start doing something, I feel great. When I accuse myself of wasting away a day, I've taken up reminding myself what I've done in that day.

Today for example, I make beads like the ones in the bracelets in the photo. I just give bracelets like these away since they are my personal prayer beads and making them is like therapy. A friend with Lupus asked me to make her some. Helping someone in any way shape, or form makes me feel better about myself. No depression arose today.
#BipolarDepression #Depression #helpingothers #fightingdepression #Productivity


Staying Motivated #Depression #Anxiety

Hello friends. I have a challenge. I am always so tired and lack the strength/motivation to get things done. If at all you have gone through the same, what have you done to better the situation?

#CheckInWithMe #fightingfatigue #fightingdepression


Lots to do I hands down have no energy to get started #52SmallThings #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #fightingdepression

So I had wrote my “must do soon or else” list but I haven’t even got around to it, I glance at it and its so daunting that I let out a big sigh just thinking how I’m going to get it done and when. Then I just plop down and feel utterly exhausted. And there goes by another day putting off what needs to be done. I really have been feeling all too tired to focus on anything that involves doing any physical work, and it makes me feel useless and pitiful. Sorry if this post is already sounding like a downer. I’ll post something positive I’ve been doing at the end. ☺️

My must do ASAP list right now is get my taxes done, as I don’t have much time left. Thankfully, my family is willing to help me with that, so it relieves the bulk of the pressure off me. And I also have a full list of phone calls I need to make for my health. Only crossed off 1/8 but I know some would say that’s still progress! But of course I feel like I haven’t done anything useful at all.

I haven’t been able to muster up any energy around to cleaning the house. Laundry is overdue by like 2 weeks, and overflowing. My bathroom and living room needs some sprucing up big time.
Lately, especially this week, my depression has been taking its toll, I feel it’s strong grip on me, since I’ve been neglecting everything, including my self-care. I usually shower more, and I haven’t in 4 days.

It’s already 3pm where I’m at...I slept in 1/2 the day but I’ll try to accomplish some small important tasks today even though they might change as I am on day one of trying out an off label medication for Treatment Resistant Depression. Hoping for good results this time! Which medications are so finicky with me, I’m hoping this one doesn’t make me feel like this 😵

Ok so now for my priorities list for today: (FINALLY 😄)

1. Take a shower so I can go grocery shopping, one really challenging thing for me is going out and run errands, panic attack city but at least my anxiety medicine has been more effective.

2. Take a few moments to practice mindfulness (it’s my homework for therapy) I actually have been working on my mental health by following my therapists advice to practice mindfulness 3 times daily. So that’s been my goal and I log it in my diary card and helps me stay accountable.

3. Take my medicine earlier so I can get sleepy and have a regular bedtime and not be a night 🦉! I really need to change my sleeping habits they’ve gotten so bad.

Appreciate the Mighty and everyone’s post that have given me some motivation. This is my first post on prioritizing, lots of you have given me helpful 💡 ideas! I know it’s possible to make changes but small steps is key! Thanks all! 💕


The weapons with which we fight our demons.

I just stumbled on to this amazing page. I am so glad to have found you all.
My name is Bec I have battled with #Depression and #Anxiety and whatever else the doctors felt like i had, since i can remember. My husband has only recently been diagnosed with his own mental health issues as well.
The first thing I did was tell him I will help him through it. I've been through it myself, i can help someone else for sure! Then it got me thinking about how we do deal with it. How we deal with our inner demons.
In my case, I learned to fight my demons early on. I was made to feel there was something wrong with me, that i could just "get over it" and i was "overreacting". So i learned to forge my own weapons to fight my demons. They were rusty at first, and failed at times. But over the last 3 decades, my armor is strong, my sword is sharp, my reflexes are on point. I have fought my demons, and can continue to fight them every time they come back.
But for others, Like my husband, they dont have their own weapons. They are unprepared for the demons, have no defense against them. Its all new to them, so they arent battle hardened. Like i am.
So those that are new to mental illness just need to borrow our weapons. The weapons we have forged over time. The weapons that have shaped us, and been with us through our battles.
I have passed my weapons on to my husband, and i watch on with pride while he battles his demons.

And now that i have found the rest of you, you are welcome to my Armory to borrow my weapons as well.
We are all here together, fighting the same fight. And I will do what i can to help anyone get through their fight, as i have done. I have lost friends in battle. I have lost friends that i didnt know were fighting. I cant bear to lose anyone else.
Please, if you need someone to talk to, just to listen, to be there and tell you that its gonna be ok and just be there for you, i am here for any of you that need it.

#Depression #Anxiety #innerdemons #fightingdepression #fighttogether


LUCIDITY #MajorDepressiveDisorder #lucidity #MentalIllness

Oh, I didn’t know lucidity existed, from this so called mental illness I have been going throu #gh for the last 4 to 5 years since I was able to recognize it as what is actually is, and have it treated and fighting to survive.
I have had phases, better and good. But this is totally different. This moment I don’t know how long it would last. But man, I feel happy, my face keeps smiling without me knowing. My face is glowing of happiness, appreciation, and proudness. How far I have come.
The last three days I have been energetic, hygiene, taking care of myself, organized, standing tall and yeah that freaky smile; like everyone sees me in colour while the rest of the world is in black and white. Like I see myself in colour and I walk looking ahead standing tall on my feet.
I googled the meaning of lucidity It says clarity of expression I just wonder how long it would last and before the negativity kicks in I say to myself I am going to enjoy this and be selfish I get to be happy I deserve to be happy I am going to live in the present and not worry too much about could bee’s and would bee’s #MentalIllness #Anxiety #Depression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #fightingtosurvive #fightingdepression


How could I have the courage to take the step of going to a therapist for the first time and my family and my friends shouldn’t know about it ?#Depression #Anxiety #Therapy #fightingdepression