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    Trying to Live

    <p>Trying to Live</p>
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    My experience with bullying and why I feel it hasn’t gotten better, but actually has gotten worse

    From as little as I can remember I was always the kid that would be singled out by the group and picked on, in responce and due to being a highly sensitive person I would react in extreme amounts of rage. That is until I got to high school where i realized that I was dealing with people in adult body’s with kid brains that could actually seriously hurt me, so I played along with the harassment or just did nothing. I’m sick of this notion that ignorant people and the media portrays that your weak if you get picked on and do nothing about it, that was me and I’m not weak, what’s weak is the person picking on someone for no reason (as if there would ever be a good reason, no). Well after graduation from high school I assumed I would be rid of the pain and mental anguish that I received at the hands and mouths of the bullies, nope, I found other apps where I was relentlessly trolled, thankfully not this one, but the trolling is almost more cowardly then in person. I’d like to rid the world of bullies and trolls they take up to much airspace. To this very minute I’m still suffering from the affects of trolls and bullies from my past.
    #Antibullying #MentalHealth #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #AnxietyAttacks #Depression #Pain #Sadness #sorrow #Sickness

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    I’m struggling with the news

    <p>I’m struggling with the news</p>
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    Community Voices

    The state of things #worry #sorrow

    So much unhappiness. We have become a nation of misery. It just breaks my heart to read all the pain expressed here and yet, there are good people reaching out, consoling others, being available. As a 70 year old white guy with complex- PTSD who has struggled with deep depression since childhood I must confess I am humbled by what I find here. Yes, life is so tough, it’s unfair, “nasty, brutish , and short” but somehow people just keep going. And that’s it, to just keep at it, despite the misery. I have thought about ending it so often- came close once when I was 19- so long ago. But look, people do care, and they care about people they never met or will meet. That matters. That has meaning and purpose. Not everybody is awful. I think I am writing this to myself, mainly, as a little light in the immense dark. Be well people, everything changes everything shifts nothing lasts forever and there are loving people out there who care about you # #Suicide #Loneliness #Depression

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    I miss my family😢

    <p>I miss my family😢</p>
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    The Gift of Friendship

    Grief is an emotion that everyone will experience at some point in your life. It is an individual experience. Still, we share a bond because we have a relationship with the same person we lost or just because we are both feeling sorrow.
    The holidays are especially hard. This year, I am asking for the gift of being there for us as we grieve.
    It will be the second year of celebrating the holidays without my son. Last year we mostly avoided the holidays. This year we are going to focus on the traditions that bring him with us while creating some new ones to make it easier. #sorrow #Family #Holidays

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    Helping someone and it backfired #triggered

    So I met someone new and I’ve been trying to help him with some issues he’s having but it’s triggering the phuck outta me. Like something serious and it’s hard not to lash out. Part of me is extremely sympathetic and the other part of me is well a real asshole and bytch about it. I don’t want him to continue to feel alone but listening to him speak on his problems hurts me and also annoys me. It’s like hes not coping he’s not trying to fix it he’s just wallowing in self pity and making excuses. Everything I’m suggest or offer there’s a reason why he can’t do it or can’t accept it. It’s causing me to glitch (term I use when my personality disorder is apparent, well it’s always apparent but sometimes it’s covered by other shit that goes on in my head and I can’t tell that’s what it is until after the fact) Sorry ..... Anyway how can I help pull him out without pulling myself back in. He’s already in therapy. #Anxiety #triggered #PTSD #Abuse #sorrow #stressed

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    Picking flowers for my mother’s grave. #CheckInWithMe

    <p>Picking flowers for my mother’s grave. <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="#CheckInWithMe: Give and get support here." href="/topic/checkinwithme/" data-id="5b8805a6f1484800aed7723f" data-name="#CheckInWithMe: Give and get support here." aria-label="hashtag #CheckInWithMe: Give and get support here.">#CheckInWithMe</a> </p>
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