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Anyone want to talk? #fightingeachday #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder

I have had surgery for my right ovarian cyst near the end May did not expect to come of surgery and suffer catatonia from general anesthesia. I ended up in a catatonic state after surgery after anaesthesia and was moved by ambulance from the private hospital where I had my surgery to a public hospital ICU for three days and then to neurology ward where I had lost the use of my right side. I woke up not able to use my right side and lost all of my independence that day when I woke up. I was diagnosed with FND and eventually told there was nothing could do and sent me home on a stretcher after weeks in hospital via medical ambulance transport. Now home I m so depressed because before all of this I had my independence even though I was limping to get around but now my right side is useless and I have to relearn everything. I feel like a burden to everyone cause need their help. I need rehab but it is not possible right now cause of really strict lockdown where I live and support cannot even come to my house to give me support. I m trying not to give up. Can anyone talk with me? #NeedSupport #depress



Been really struggling the past few days, can’t seem to get out of this fog, really hoping it passes soon


Pain, Pain, and more Pain

I’m constantly inspired by others who are suffering with chronic illness and pain on a daily basis. You guys are some of the strongest and most positive people in this world. It’s not fun being in pain, but being in the same community as you makes the suffering not as horrible in really bad times.
Never give up on yourself. You can do this. It may seems impossible sometimes, but know your not alone and there are many people around you who are more like you than you think!
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