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Grape juice delivery

So I've been having a really crappy week. My feet pain and leg pain have just been all over the place. Not to mention I've been cramping and bleeding. My lady bits of me do not see eye to eye never have probably never will. In the course of this week I have also developed a yeast infection yay me.

My upstairs neighbor has really good friend wanted to do something special for me and she knows that I've really weird diet and a lot of food allergies so she did what she knew would help she got me grape juice. Nothing fancy but something that she knew and really mean a lot to me and something that brought us mine in my face.

You see sometimes that's all we need in life. Nothing fancy just something simple that brings a small smile to a really crappy week. If you're feeling like you're weak could you something special comment below what that something special would be. Or if you have gotten something special for someone as my neighbor did for me comment below what that something special was. Let's bring a smile to everybody's crappy week. And remember when in doubt the bottle of grape juice.

#smile #badweek #grapejuice #ladybits #PCOS #reallife


Coming out if a depressed episode

seem ti be coming out of a serious cepression the last few months and although im trying to stay positive . Its hard when you have to care about life again and face the world . Trying to fill my time is difficult now , where as before i was just happy to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself. #reallife


Noticing real stuff #Work #World #Autism #MentalHealth

Why do people think your upset or depressed if you say real stuff you’ve noticed like “ All we do is work and sleep and eat then repeat” or “ Why is everyone so obsessed with money” .
Then they are like are you okay? Am here if anything on your mind.
I may be overthinking but that’s how I feel and posted .
Everyone the world is focused on work and buying and selling stuff just weird and the pressure these days
#MentalHealth #reallife #Work


#reallife #Depression #Selfharm #Anxiety #PTSD

I remember in eighth grade when my school counselor first took me to her room. I remember thinking the room was inviting and nice. It even had a pretty see through bowl full of candy. I remember her asking me if I had ever self-harmed. I told her I had, I watched her play it off. Weeks pasted as the counselor had told my mom of my self-harm. Nothing was done, and I still continued. I remember the week the counselor pulled me in her office to tell me that I was self-harming for attention, I remember being so angry that she wasn't understanding I wanted to die. Why is self-harm a way of getting attention? And why did she blame me?


Night upon no end #nausea #latenights #PseudotumorCerebri #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension

So right now I Am sitting on the floor of my bathroom trying to no puke me guts out anymore. Sitting here for awhile I noticed I have not done a good job cleaning the bathroom lately cause I’m up close and personal with it today. While im hulled over no one knows. I sit here at 12:30 in the morning by myself dealing with this. I will most likely pass out here and stay till tomorrow’s here. Fun times. And people on a daily don’t believe what I have is real? Me on the floor now is quite real #reallife



I’ve had lifelong anxiety ever since I started living on earth. I inherited anxiety from my mom, which grew worse with my Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, thanks to being born three months premature in the late 1980’s, before all of the current methods, medicine and technology were invented; which slowly turned into Social Anxiety from my many experiences of rejection. I know very well the icy cold feeling that spreads throughout the body, even though I have to remind myself sometimes that the perpetually cold feeling inside myself is from the COPD, from getting both of my lungs burned with oxygen to keep me alive, not from fear. Because of my prematurity, I was a quiet, old soul, and so seen as different and worthy of getting socially rejected. It wasn’t just the kids I faced rejection from, it was also everyday people in the grocery stores and restaurant managers, when I’d wear an oxygen cannula to breathe with. Ironically enough, I was treated as a monster with a contagious disease around the same time the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed, allowing people with disabilities to not be discriminated in a job, because of their disabilities. While other kids ran around outside, I was stuck inside, watching movies and TV shows. While other kids went to Little Leagues and Ballet classes, I went to Occupational Therapy for learning how to cope with loud sounds, that are muffled to everyone else, and Speech Therapy, to get over my speech impediment, thanks to the tongue tie, I inherited from my dad. I also took the scenic route, when it came to developing, because of my three month prematurity and first nine months in the hospital. I later found out that I had also inherited my dad’s ADD, a mild form of ADHD, and the little-known Dyscalculia, which meant organization, follow-through and math were my weakest areas. I also got enlarged tonsils from my dad, which meant I got sick a lot during my childhood, until my tonsils were finally removed. This, combined with living in a high altitude environment in the mountains, meant I grew up in a very sheltered, low-key environment, and would get so worn out from an eight hour school day, that I would have to take three hour naps to feel rested enough to do the small hill of homework given to me, which included what I didn’t complete in school and whatever the teachers would include with the students. Anyone would feel depressed every once in a while, if they were forced to live this kind of life. Once I moved across states, my physical health greatly improved, and there wasn’t as much academic demands or discrimination in my new school, as there had previously been. I also got assistance #firstpost , #mental illness confession, #MentalHealth , #Recovery , #Prematurity , #reallife , #Anxiety , #SocialAnxiety , #AvoidantPersonalityDisorder , #PanicAttacks , #CPTSD , #Flashbacks , #COPD , #ADHD , #Depression , #CheckInWithMe , #TheMighty . from a wonderful, resource room teacher. I graduated high school at the top fifth of my class, graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in English, graduated from the same university with a master’s degree in Special Education, and just passed all three teaching certificate tests! I’ve als


Some Feelings Hold On

I’ve been in therapy for two years, I’ve made amazing breakthroughs in awareness of my realities and I work daily on accepting the effects of my abuse on my life.

It doesn’t change how intensely I feel embarrassed when I talk about how PTSD affects my daily living. I feel like I’m making excuses, like I am weak.

And I still feel like people think I am making it up.

I have to believe this is a direct result of having a family that protected my abuser rather than me when I spoke up as a child.

#PTSD #ChildhoodSexualAbuse #reallife #Shame #Acceptance #Trauma #CheckInWithMe


Living with #PTSD Means Living with Unpredictability

Living with PTSD means knowing that you are living with a mental illness that affects your life in many ways - but not knowing from one day to the next which symptoms are going to flare.

It's tiring to manage and it takes a lot of practice and fluidity during times when all you want is a little bit of fucking control.

#Depression#Anxiety#Insomnia#Flashbacks #bodymemories #anger#Trauma#ChildhoodSexualAbuse #MightyTogether#CheckInWithMe#CPTSD#Healing#reallife

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