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Grad school while dealing with Bipolar Disorder

Midterms for my grad program are days away.
Any tips on how to deal with the stress, distractibility, and productive studying?

I struggle so much with mathematics

#College #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #studying

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Desperate: how to find motivation to finish university when fully employed?

Bare in mind this is going for almost 4 years and tried so many things.

I am so close to get my uni degree but I am so tired from life and depressed. 3 out of 33 to get that stupid degree but I just cant. I hate writing this. If I was someone from the side line I would as well say : what does she have to be depr about???

But its that never ending circle. So I am desperate and do not know what to do anymore...

#Motivation #Depression #Anxiety #Student #studying #tired

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Studying for my class at AIU Online

I love this school. I have been studying all day and I am actually enjoying the information I am learning! My online program is so convenient! #studying #onlineeducation


feeling very down

#Depression My mood has truly plummeted. I am trying to study Calculus and it is just not working. My mood is still falling. I don't know if anyone gets what I mean, but my mood actually feels like it is falling, getting worse and worse. I just want to stay home. I feel like crying now.
I am so sick of this. Why can't I just study like a normal person ? I want to be able to study and focus and stuff like I know how to derive the bloody equation but why is it suddenly so hard. I am sick of living this way I really am. #sad #studying


School tips and tricks?

I’m in my second year of grad school and I recently started being treated for depression. I’m having a really hard time focusing and studying, but I know I really need to know this stuff! Does anyone have any tips for motivation and/or attention span? #College #Depression #studying


Fibromyalgia and University

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia today after struggling through my second year of university with my undiagnosed symptoms. Somehow, by the grace of God, I’m about to go into my final year of study next month. Is there anyone out there working/studying who has tips for pacing and managing workload alongside increasing symptoms ?? #Fibromyalgia #University #studying #Work #pacing #ChronicPain


Washing isn't done

I am studying music full time, living out of home for the first time and struggling financially. And I haven't washed majority of my clothes in two months now. I know that when everything isn't due all at once, I'll have more brain space to do the tasks that need to be done for me. For now, I am doing what is IMPERATIVE. Get fuel, buy food, drink water and do assignments. The mess can wait.
#CheckInWithMe #selfcare #overwhelmed #studying
#University #College


Studying with depression

Any tips on how to motivate yourself to study when you are depressed? I need a specific license to further my career in finance- but have no motivation to study for it. (I already have the study materials) #studying


Studying with EDS/POTS #EDS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome

So I’m a student with EDS and POTS and while I still haven’t got it perfected, I thought I’d share some tricks I’ve learned as exam season approaches

Brain fog when studying: the worst thing to happen, am I right? My favourite solution (while not immediate it really speeds up the process) MORE ELECTROLYTES. I drink Lucozade Sport but any drink designed specifically for sports will be choc a block with electrolytes and your new best friend.
One more thing, make sure you’ve eaten. It seems like such a simple thing but I don’t work nearly as well when Im malnourished

In too much pain to work: take it easy for a while. Trust me on this, trying to push through will only make it worse and lead to a longer recover time. The second you feel yourself fading, take a break for a half an hour or however long then try again later.

Fingers hyperextending: FINGER SPLINTS. They’re a godsend. Now I know you see the super pricy ones everywhere but Etsy is your new best friend, there you can find finger splints that just look like jewellery for a pretty good price just make sure you read the reviews to ensure it’s the right type for you

That’s it for now! Let me know if you have anymore tips, I’d love to hear them! #EDSAwareness
#studying #ChronicIllness