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2 1/2 new Diagnosis #Finallyhavesomeanswers #Fibromyaliga #hypotention #Lowbloodpressure

So I've been tin the hospital for almost 2 months now and I can honestly say that I have never felt this good about being sick!!! I finally have answers and I'm not crazy 😜! I was recently diagnosed with hypotension and #fibromyalga and possibly #AddisonsDisease (wich I'm 95% sure I do and so does doctors. So all I'm waiting for is an appointment but finally I have answers!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


☆*Th€*M¡GhT¥*¡S* #b €¥OND *☆ #intriguing # helpful #Needed

I have so much to say about #TheMighty #loveit #Finallyhavesomeanswers #pleasantlysurprised #beyondthankful #HSP - I'm 58 years old , I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist; however, I've always been extremely in everything about the human mind. Never heard of #HSP - #HighlysensitivePerson and I thought I should have heard of it, due to much study re: #psychology courses in university, as well as research, #themindisamystery why do I have severe #Anxiety #PanicAttacks , #Depression , #hypersensitivity , #HighlysensitivePerson
The topic I read was #HSP #hypersensitivity
#highlysensitivite #themightyquiz
#MightyTogether #mightyworks #mustreadthemighty #thehspquiz #theanswer #thenameofwhatur #yourenotalone give #TheMighty a chance. It has enlightened me and helped me understand myself, & lmkwhythisishappeningtome #thelord & #themightyblog has given me #Hope !!! Can't thank you enough !!! , #imamighty ♡j€NN¥♡



Y’all I finally have some answers to all this unbelievable pain I have been in so long. It’s only taken 11 Years to find out something 🙄 but it’s a start and a huge breakthrough for me so although the pain is still unbearable at times I’m still choosing to praise God 🙌🏻🙌🏻 because now I know that I have cervical stenosis with bone spurs and possibly myelopathy is in there to because the bone spurs are pressing on my spinal cord giving me pain and tingling and numbness and weakness in my whole body. My neurosurgeon said that what is going on in my neck doesn’t explain the pain in my back and the weakness in my legs but it does y’all it’s the nerve roots in my bone spurs compressing my spinal cord causing all my issues. My neurosurgeon wants me to wait 6 months and then he will give me another MRI to see how worse my neck gets in future great 😔 and yeah maybe later on down the way he will suggest surgery for me but for now I choose to count this all joy because I finally have some answers 😁