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Emotional Setback. #CheckInWithMe

The rush of emotions I had today was crazy. We all know what I have going on, but to have my husband have a bit of a scare...

That's where I was strong all through the process and then I got home last night exhausted, so I slept a bit. Then this morning when I first woke up I was strong. I knew I could handle what was coming.

The catch is as soon as I got the ok and all clear, my hubby can come back home. I felt the sigh of relief quickly followed by a flood of all the emotions I wanted to have as everything was actually in motion.

This is how I was trained. As a very young girl I had to know how to get through emergency situations without panic or disregard. My mom had horrible uncontrolled type 1 diabetes. I knew how to dial 911 at the age of two and how to not overreact when an ambulance showed up at about four.

However, this is where I also learned, after it is said and done... have a mental breakdown. Not only for all the incredible stress we have going on in life right now, like so many do during this time of year. It brought me back to remembering how I learned to be a calm cool cat... my mom.

Finally, I am trying to rest with no success. My mind won't stop and the tears have been coming and going uncontrollably today. I feel my funk setting in. I've had enough and I'm about to crack (at least the titanium will hold most of me together), I'll be fine, it just might take some time.

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