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At least my poems are honest....

I feel so lonely

So empty.

I want to go

Disappear for a little bit

One day,

Maybe two.

All the pain,

All the anger

Nobody understands.

I do all that I should

Why am I so hated?

I go around with my music turned up

Up so loud to block out the noise

I don’t cry

It does no good

Gives him ammo

He’ll shoot

Where I’m finally healing

I’m lonely

I’m empty

I’m angry

I’m broken

What is my purpose?

Do I have one?


I am no one

I am nothing

That’s why I’m lonely

Now make me disappear









I can’t do it all #ADHD #Dyslexia #struggling #getmeout

It’s just all too much. I’ve taken on, or been given, too much to do at work. I think the amount of responsibility I have is too much, and for too little money, but doesn’t everyone think that? Maybe I’m just really bad at my job? And I feel like all I do is work but never get ahead, only further behind. I feel that I put my kids second and my husband third. This is not how I pictured my life. We have 4 children. Our oldest, who will be 17, is deficient in social skills and lacks some pretty serious executive function skills. She has failed her drivers test 4 times. If we didn’t list tasks for her to do, or point out what time it is when we need to leave to get her places, she wouldn’t do anything and she would be late for everything. Honestly, I don’t know how she’s going to make it on her own as an adult. Our second daughter, who will be 16, was just diagnosed as atypical anorexic. She struggles to eat. Our youngest two, ages 13 and 11, are doing okay, so far, I think. My husband and I are drifting apart. We have been through this before and it has led to him cheating and us going through therapy. I feel like we are headed in that direction again and I don’t have the energy to do anything about it. I am feeling broken. I often feel broken. But I do find hope and the will to push forward from somewhere. Tomorrow is a new day and I am looking forward to waking up with new hope and a strengthened will. ❤️