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Battle Lost #Depression #Friends #Suicide #GoneTooSoon #WarriorWings #MentalIllness #Selfharm #recoveryishard #lodgemomma #checkonyourfriends

I was smacked in the face last night that I lost a friend who couldn't beat her depression, and I'm really upset. Not at her, I know that she worked hard. She was a lodge sister from res treatment, a sister Warrior. I'm upset because I didn't stay in touch, I wasn't there to support her. I don't know the circumstances and I don't need to, but she died in February and I just heard about it last night. We weren't close outside of treatment, but that's a tightly knit bond quickly formed because we understand the struggle even though it's not the same for anyone. I want to protect myself and not allow anyone else close so it doesn't hurt so much to lose them. This was our second lodge sister whose depression was too much to overcome, two sweet beautiful souls gone way too soon. I know that she's not hurting now, free from the pain and scars from self inflicted wounds, the fight to take up space, and the fight to love and accept herself. She has her Warrior Wings, and I grieve not for her but for myself, for the light the world lost. RIP Nicole, fly free sister and I'll be bringing a bear hug just for you.

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My Love ♥️

For the two years 363 days and four hours we were married I wouldn’t trade em for anything. It’s been five years since you received your wings. I loved you 20+ years ago when we were young and when we found each other ten years ago my life changed and was back to being happy. You brought the light back into my life. The love and joy you brought this world is truly missed. You touched so many people that you packed the church at your service. Hunny I love and miss you every day. ♥️😘😢 #GoneTooSoon


Till We Meet Again ..... #MightyPoets

I wrote this poem for a friend of mine. Today is the anniversary of his brother's death from a drug overdose.......

Today I sit and think of you
As I do throughout each year;
Your memory lives on in my heart
And flows down each cheek in tears.

Life was harsh and proved too much
For you to win it's battle;
But the war I'm still here fighting
To help others whose cage was rattled.

You were my brother, protector & my friend
Forever through and through;
Your time on earth was cut too short
When you left us for life anew.

My comfort comes from knowing that
You're watching over me;
And until it's time to meet again
May you continue to rest in peace.

By: Debra Brent

#MightyPoets #Addiction #GoneTooSoon #overdose #brothers #Friends #RestInPeace #poems #Poetry


I didn't mean to forget you... even for a second.


For a moment I forgot.
A beautiful moment I imagined you would be there, too.
In that moment you were breathing, and everyone was having a good time.
A loving moment we were all smiles, photographing memories.
A moment of peace that nothing was wrong.
For a moment we were whole.
The following moment came with a sting of pain and tearful eyes; for when that moment passed I realized none of that would ever be.
How could I forget?
The following moment felt as if it had happened all over again.
The harsh reality of the moment that everything was real.
That following moment stole any new memories we wanted to make with you.
In that following moment a piece of me had left again because there would never be any future with you. One I wish we had; if only to let you know you were loved.

In this very moment, my heart broke for the second time for you, because in that following moment, you were gone again.
#MightyPoets#MentalHealth#GoneTooSoon #Depression


Remembering Josh! #GoneTooSoon #LoveYouBrother #Transgender

#IAcceptYou Love you Josh with all my Heart and Soul FOREVER and COMPLETELY you smiling down from heaven! Gone too soon in such a tragic cut short loss of life I’m crying NOW because I miss you SO MUCH! You’ll always be in my Heart!!! 💯❤️ 💯