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    Today is my Auntie Debbies birthday up there in the sky. What I wouldn’t do to be able to call her up and sing our special version of happy birthday.... honestly I have absolutely no idea how that special, albeit strange rendition started and why, but it was ours that much I do know.

    My aunt passed away unexpectedly on October 17th, 2014. Her 61st birthday was two weeks prior on the 2nd.
    Through the years she fought and conquered breast cancer only years later be diagnosed with cervical cancer, but won that battle too. In the end we now know that cancer had returned a third time and I will always believe in my heart that she knew this was the battle she would not win.

    Auntie Debbie and my Uncle Frank had a very well established, expanding global business.
    A week prior to her passing, she and my uncle received acknowledgment for achieving every one of their goals. Hard work, effort and absolute dedication in the face of her inner struggle, they had become a “Diamond”. What her business refers to it as one of its highest honors. watching the video of her speech I realized, not for the first time, the strength and fortitude she had, realizing her time with us was growing shorter. The true smile on her face, knowing
    what she did was to accomplish exactly what she set her goal to be. I need to add that this was at an arena setting with the capacity of thousands.

    She was an impeccable speaker whether it was about the business or life experiences, advice on life’s curveballs as well as navigating them through her own experience.
    She was full of love, compassion, kindness with powerful intelligence and unwavering support for every one she knew.
    Whether An acquaintance ,
    friend, close friend or loved one, she always treated everyone the same way.

    I was and have been completely blessed to have two amazing, incredible, strong and fierce women by my side. One of them being my late Auntie Debbie and the other, my one in a million best friend, my mother.
    I wish someone would just come out with it and say something actually true instead of the same old “it gets easier with time”. Sorry but I call bullshit on that phrase. It’s been 7 years and I can without a shadow of a doubt say. in all honesty, it doesn’t become easier with time but I do know my love continues to grow and I am proud to have had her as a role model in my life.
    Because as I struggle with the challenges my own illiness I find strength in the life
    my Aunt lived. #RestInPeace #MyHero #Cancer #strenght #courage #Grief #Loss #CheckInWithMe #Fybromyalgia #Gastroparesis #Depression #

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    Yellow Rose of Friendship

    They say birds are spirits from beyond, offering comfort to those still present. Honoring the memory of a mutual friend with one of my enchanted tea cup feeders. #RestInPeace

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    ❤️ Until I see you again, Nana. Take care. ❤️ (Art of Me and Nana by: SashaKawaiiCat )

    “Sometimes a very special cat enters our lives…their presence changes our hearts forever.
    And we can call ourselves blessed for having known them and being a huge part of our lives.” -Unknown

    #Quotes #petloss #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Art #Happiness #RestInPeace


    For You / Once More - A Poem for My Best Friend

    For You / Once More

    I see you lying on the floor
    I’m begging please come back once more
    I’m thinking of all things left unsaid
    and all the things we never did, all the times we’ll never have
    So please come back once more
    and get up of the floor
    I need you here with me, as I am here for you
    Because I’m lying on the floor
    and here, you are no more
    I’m shouting at the world and yelling at myself
    I’m crying out at night
    and weeping through the day
    So my dear,
    Please come back once more
    Because I’m knocking on the door
    begging for some more.
    Because I need you here with me
    So I can let you know
    That alone you’ll never be
    I see you lying on the floor
    so please come back to me
    and let the deal be
    That I shall go for you
    and you shall stay for me!
    For the love I have for you
    Brings me to my knees
    and breaks my beating heart
    My tears have cried a river
    When we a really need the sea
    So please come back to me!
    and let the deal be
    that I shall go for you
    and you shall stay for me.

    In loving memory of Cadence ~ 18/11/1998 – 28/04/2018

    #Grief #grieving   #Poetry #Poem  #deathofalovedone #Love #Pain #suddendeath #bestfriend #RestInPeace


    Just need a break...

    #CheckInWithMe Today I lost a kid who was like a son to me. My oldest son's best friend for the last 15 years. He was 28. It was a motorcycle accident. I don't even know how to feel or what to think. My heart and soul goes out to his daughter and his brother and his family.... and my son. He is struggling. So am I. I just need some strength to get us all through this.... #diedtooyoung #RestInPeace


    Till We Meet Again ..... #MightyPoets

    I wrote this poem for a friend of mine. Today is the anniversary of his brother's death from a drug overdose.......

    Today I sit and think of you
    As I do throughout each year;
    Your memory lives on in my heart
    And flows down each cheek in tears.

    Life was harsh and proved too much
    For you to win it's battle;
    But the war I'm still here fighting
    To help others whose cage was rattled.

    You were my brother, protector & my friend
    Forever through and through;
    Your time on earth was cut too short
    When you left us for life anew.

    My comfort comes from knowing that
    You're watching over me;
    And until it's time to meet again
    May you continue to rest in peace.

    By: Debra Brent

    #MightyPoets #Addiction #GoneTooSoon #overdose #brothers #Friends #RestInPeace #poems #Poetry