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#Gratitude #GratitudeList #Sobriety #1DayAtATime

I am grateful for staying sober today

I am thankful to the people I live with

I am thankful for my higher power my God carrying me through today when I struggled

I am thankful for 12 step meetings

I am so grateful to be able to sit in the kitchen with friends and engage in conversation and laughter

I’m thankful for my sexuality and the opportunities I am being given to explore and discover

I am grateful for spontaneity

I appreciate how each house can visit one another as it starts to build connections

I am so thankful that people can talk to me of their faith such as relationship with Jesus Christ or a Christian God And that I am not sitting beneath as they speak but actively listening to what they’re saying and processing this into how it can relate towards my own faith

I am grateful for Challah bread

I love that I’m open to new information and that I still have a passion for learning new things

I’m grateful for the lessons I am being taught today as I know the struggles of today contribute to the long term lessons

God bless 🙏💚✌️🧘‍♂️


#Gratitude #GratitudeList #Recovery #Sobriety

Today I am grateful for prayer and seeking that personal time with my Higher Power

I am grateful to be able to do things I thought I would never be able to - like decorating a house with three other guys, like responding to banter in a safe way, like listening to what my heart is calling and resting for a nap rather than running away from stopping

I am grateful to see my friends smile and having had a good day

I am thankful to be a part of this house and to have the comfort and safety to hug everyone as I come into the front room

I am thankful to laugh and smile with others - to feel their joy

I appreciate how the flow of this life works out - if I hadn’t gone through what I had done 5 months ago, I would not have been willing enough to take that leap of faith and do some decorating work with my friend, which had a direct impact on today.

5 months later; I could walk to my friends new place in the oncoming autumn morning, I could crack a joke about wallpaper stripping and face banter full on rather than crumbling or running away, I could connect with new friends I hadn’t met yet over decorating a house which I had some experience from 5 months ago.

I am thankful for that synchronicity and higher powers working through me and for me

I appreciate I could allow some space for myself to feel sadness, loss or helplessness over the relationship breakdown between my parents, seeing my mums depression return and my father’s alcoholism worsening.

I allowed myself to FEEL that (as best I could, with my Creator carrying me through). I could be of the best service I could to my other siblings - reminding myself I am powerless over all my family but I can still radiate unconditional love for them all.

I am starting to learn people will do what they want to do - I have no power there. All I can change is myself and my attitude.

Thank you for providing me with a space to share my gratitude for this day

God bless🙏


#Gratitude #GratitudeList #Recovery #Sobriety

Tonight I am grateful for my higher power the feeling of God/higher power being present in my life today and looking after me

I’m grateful for the friendship and the ability to have no inhibitions and sing as loud as I want with my friend in his car and be happy to be there

I’m grateful for the courage to be bored and do not know what is going to happen next

I’m grateful I can be late to a meeting and not be so self-conscious that I can’t listen to what people are saying

I’m grateful for laughter today being a social lubricant across authority figures and people who sometimes I’m suspicious of - laughter can connect us together

I’m grateful for prayer and meditation and seeking to feel connected with God/higher power

I am grateful to smile when I see others laughing or smiling to seeing the child in them come out

I am grateful to have gone out with my camera today to the beach and the park and the feeling of dancing with the sea and the music in my ears

I’m grateful that my friends are well and healthy and that my family always with me

I’m grateful of the knowledge or wisdom slowly building that I have a long journey ahead but I can still be comfortable and content with where I am today

I am thankful for the mantra “God bless you, I love you, peace, be still”

I am thankful that I have tried today to do the best I can in consideration of both external and internal circumstances without beating myself up for not being at a certain place - I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be for today

I am grateful for my life today and for being granted a life and opportunity to grow and flourish - to feel God

I am grateful for takeaways - you can’t be cheesy chips 🍟 🍟


#Gratitude #GratitudeList

Tonight I am grateful for my own room

The people around me in my recovery

Friends who not only support but challenge me in a loving and gentle way

My readings

A meeting today to ground me in acceptance

My god/creator looking after me today and working through me

Courage to call my mum

My mum for being my mum 💚🙏

People who are patient and only living with me

Takeaways (a night in with a takeaway is self care right??)

I am getting to bed sober tonight

I have my own personal space and the option to walk away when I no longer feel comfortable or want to do something else

God bless you 🙏💚✌️🧘‍♂️



Today I am grateful for the sunshine, the breeze, my Guardian Angel, my children, and God's blessings.
#CheckInWithMe #Gratitude #GratitudeList

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#GratitudeList #Recovery #Sobriety

I am grateful for getting to bed sober tonight

I am grateful for my own room

I am grateful for my higher power guiding me and keeping me safe

I am grateful for hearing the joy, someone I resent, gets to when they see cats

I am grateful for comfort amongst people

I am grateful for the support network around me

I am grateful for a loving family

I am grateful for playing chess with my little brother

I am grateful for my sense of touch and to feel the heat of the day

I am grateful for music

I am grateful for mums constant unconditional love

I am grateful for the courage to ring my friend back after missing his call

I am grateful for a dinner cooked for me

I am grateful for a beautiful day

God bless 🙏💚


tangible blessings, to remember :-) [1/2]

I am, both at the same time, working on a permanent part-time basis, and a penny-pincher 🙃😂 Essentially this means a few things - (1) I earn just enough to sustain myself independently, (2) but I have enough savings from when I was full-time employed, to make big(ger) expenditures if the situation calls for it, but (3) that doesn't negate or reduce the pinch I feel when I make these big(ger) ticket expenditures.

[I promise - though this is a long & draggy story, every bit of info is relevant/shapes the story]

(Part 1)

So our church family camp is coming up this June, and all along I've made plans to go - I've already sought my boss' permission/kept him updated that if possible, I've plans to be out of town for that time period (even if I found out that the allocated centre break is directly after church camp. Uh. Okay 😬). Later, I took a closer look at the camp transport fee and realised this year's transport fees doubled. Which is a pinch, if you're a penny pincher on a permanent part-time employed basis. I mentioned this to a friend, who mused the idea of getting a few friends to chip in for my transport fare - split a certain amount of ways, it would be akin to foregoing one weekend movie ticket. End of story, so I thought.

(Part 2)

This past Sunday was the last week of early bird sign-ups - late bird is about another $30 more. To some, it might not seem a lot, but I guess, to most people, it never makes sense to pay extra just because you're late. So it was understandable that after service, everyone was clustered around that tiny sign-up table, rushing to hand in their forms and money (registration confirmed upon payment). And likewise, for young adult me 🙃😂😬

After church service, I was gonna pay in cash so I took out my money and started counting out to be sure I brought the right amount, or if I needed to withdraw more.

Church office accounts/secretary person who is managing the admin at the collection table says, "you don't need to pay - someone wants to sponsor your camp fees already" [shoves me an envelope with my name scribbled in pencil, in caps, albeit with a misspelled surname HAHAHA]

It is only at *this* point that I explain - hey that wasn't the plan, I was supposed to only find people to fund my transport, !!!

Lady smiles at me - "well, that person wants to remain anonymous but I'll convey your thanks! Ok now just pay your transport fee."

(I swear if no one let it slip, I told a grand total of SEVEN people - only SEVEN people should know this. All of whom are my friends in young adult ministry ..! And all of whom sounded genuinely surprised at this, unless someone is playing their surprise off very well. Haha.)

#GratitudeList #TheLittleThings (sometimes not so little!) #Employment #Finances



Monday I am grateful for:
1.  My hearing; I listened to my husband and his 90-year-old mother singing together.  She's in a nursing home and doesn't talk much, but they sing together every time he visits.
2.  Sunshine and warmer temperatures.
3.  The luxury of a long nap especially since I didn't feel very energetic today.

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Thanksgiving thoughts page #Thanksgiving #GratitudeList #Gratitude

Here is a page from my thanksgiving thoughts book. I know I could pass as a Doctor with such handwriting but I hope it blesses you