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Hi I'm alex

I'm new here and I have a lot to share and i dont know where to begin, I hope I can explain my situation the best I can without any confusion. #troubled #guidance

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autoimmune disease

I am in chronic pain daily. My symptoms points towards Autoimmune disease but no one can identify which yet (it has been 7 years and counting since first symptoms). I experience more flare-ups than remissions. Most days im too fatigued and nauseous to do anything (eat, clean, drive, walk, situp, stand, wash dishes etc). I often wake up feeling paralysis in both legs. Having to drag my legs around after some hours on the heating pad. I constantly get sent to different specialists for each symptom without anyone attempting to connect dots(have experienced inflammation in heart area, kidney area, nostrils, hips, feet,face). With a lot of unexplained rashes that turn dry and flaky on my scalp, inside ears, on face, eyebrows, outside and inside nose etc. Along with cognitive issues pertaining memory, blurred vision and headaches. Soooo much medication is thrown at me on a monthly basis and nothing is working. Slowly losing faith in my doctor. Any experienced advice or guidance would be gratefully appreciated. #AutoimmuneDisease #Undiagnosed #ChronicPain #Headaches #feelingdefeated #SystemicLupusErythematosus #MultipleSclerosis #InflammatoryArthritis #Advice #guidance #Paralysis

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#CheckInWithMe My Partner’s Father Passed, #guidance please!

My world is caving in on my own issues and suddenly my partner lost his hero today. How have you dealt with comforting #Grief for a partner or spouse with the loss of a parent? I need to push my issues aside and be strong but don’t know if space or instead smothering with affection is appropriate with him right now. Unfortunately he’s out of town on work right now and silent so I’m literally helpless and just sending sweet messages even if they go unanswered to let him know he’s loved. I’m sure I’ll get a feeling in person. Please help, it’s my first encounter like this with an s/o so I feel lost. Thank you! xo


ASD #Autism #guidance #help

I am a mother of a 4 year old autist boy(as I was yold by a psychologist). My child has an excellent memory but at times I see that he doesn’t understand simple things and conversations. Plz help me understand his condition as his psychologist only says he has to take special ed and speech classes, which I took but can’t have now due to monetary issues. Will my child be normal? how can I help him learn language or doing better at normal things?