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Misdiagnosis or possibility?

It felt as if my life had literally been turned upside down when I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis two years ago. Not such a big deal you may think but I was told to stop running which was truly my sanity.

My BPD and MDD need as much help as they can get and running was it for me. My BPD had become a lot worse over the years and running had restored some stability and enjoyment in my life.

A radiologist and neurosurgeon confirmed the diagnosis as did a spinal surgeon a year later. I was told that it would get worse, that surgery may be an option in the future, told to do lots of stretching, take a pile of pills every day and get on with my life. As advised, I stopped running and felt as if my world had collapsed. BPD on overdrive.

Fast forward to a month ago. The neurosurgeon requested a follow up MRI and told me last week that there is now no sign of spinal stenosis! What??? As I understand it, it isn't curable so what is going on?

I did the fish mouth thing when he casually mentioned this and eventually asked him what had happened to the spinal stenosis diagnosis. He dismissively mumbled something about 'looking at that' and changed the subject. I could not concentrate on anything he said after that. Duly dismissed. By the end of the consultation he had still not offered a possible explanation and considering his dismissive attitude, I was reluctant to ask again.

For the past two years the possibility of this progressing and impacting my mobility have made me extremely anxious. I have a son who has many mental health challenges and requires a certain degree of care. I have worried myself sick about the possibility of not being able to do this in the future. Now it is not even or was even a thing??

Has anyone had a similar experience with a spinal stenosis diagnosis or know whether it can heal? #stenosis #stenosisspine #confused #Misdiagnosis

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Feeling low

I had cervical spine surgery in late December. It helped tremendously with the pain I was having in regards to the neck and pinched nerves and herniated disc. I was diagnosed with Fibro and chronic fatigue a few years ago. Even though I feel better, I still don't feel good. I feel like people around me expect me to be at 100%. Sometimes I think this must all be in my head. I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck. I never feel rested. I guess I hoped I'd feel 100% better in all aspects. I still wake up and need the pain meds. I'm still exhausted before I even start the day. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for what relief I did get. I guess I need to come to terms with my life as it is. #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #DiscDegeneration #stenosis #Arthritis #TemporomandibularJointDisorders #Depression #Anxiety


Oh, I'm too lazy to walk? Funny, I wish I COULD walk

#ChronicPain #sciatica #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Scoliosis #PinchedNerve #herniateddiscs #stenosis #Arthritis #BackPain #ChronicPain

A car accident pushed out 4 of my discs in my lower back. I have to live with the chronic pain, the pinched nerves, the fact that it's inoperable, and also - my "funny walk" due to the fact that the pinched nerves are too close to my spinal cord.
I managed to get off the opioids in spite of the pain, and I am now living a life that's completely different from what I had before. No more teaching, no more horseriding, no more long walks in the sun with my loved ones.
I am walking with a cane, crutches or sit in my wheelchair, depending on the day and the activities I am planning.
Today, I tested out my new mobility scooter, feeling blessed that it will give me a sense of freedom, and the possibility of enjoying a day out with my family without too much of a hassle.
I was shocked however, by the negative attitude of people in general! I have been told that "I'm too lazy to walk" and "I should get my fat arse moving".
Excuse me, but 1.) I wish I could 2.) it's none of your business why I'm sitting on a mobility scooter to start with!
Yes, I'm still young, looking "good" and spending time on myself to make myself look presentable, and feel confident. I do not need any negativity for being who I am - unfortunately disabled.

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Spine Pain?

Chronic spine pain? What is your latest "go-to" item that helps you feel better?
Lotions, creams, heat, ice, meds, massage, gadget - name your current #1 below.
#ChronicPain  #spine #RareDisease  #degeneration   #stenosis   #Nerves   #muscles  #patients   #Parents  #Kids  #adults   #ache   #stiff  #shock  #zap   #spasms   #vertebrae #Spinefusion #congenitalfusion