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    Using A Mobility Aid At A Young Age (and how I'm gaining confidence in using mine)

    When I was diagnosed with FND last year. I hadn't experienced too many symptoms that impared my mobility. I had wanted to get a cane mainly for my chronic leg pain, fatigue and occasional leg weakness. After quite a few months I finally got a cane, that was previously my dad's. And as my mobility issues progressed to things, like tremors and a gait dysfunction it became more and more apparent just how often I'd need to use my cane.
    And although I was grateful to have an aid I needed for a year, I couldn't help but feel the internalized ableism. "What if I don't actually need this" " I could probably go with out this, even if my symptoms will flare after" . Since I'm a teenager, I was afraid people would say I'm "too young " to use a cane.
    All of these had prevented me from using my cane until month after I got it. And I had done a few things to ease my anxiety. So without further ado, here are my tips for gaining confidence in your aid

    1. Follow #BabeWithAMobilityAid

    This tag, which can be found on both Instagram and TikTok is full of beautiful and confident people showing of their mobility aids, and being proud of them.

    2. Fake it till you make it

    This tip, I got from @The.annegirl on Instagram. Her advice, is to fake your confidence in public while using your aid. Eventually you'll realize you aren't faking it anymore.

    3. Decorate your aids

    I personally have found that decorating my cane, has made it so that it feels much more personal and less medicalized, therefore destigmatizing it for me.

    4. Name your aid

    I know this sounds silly, but it personally really helped me. (My cane is named Sally btw)

    5. Take a photoshoot with your aid.

    Taking cute photos of myself always makes me feel more confident. So if I do the same thing while holding my cane I find that the cane makes me feel MORE confident.

    I still deal with anxiety when using my cane, and I be lying if I said I never left it at home, when I needed it. But these tips, have helped me SO much. And I hope they help you too

    #FND #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #ChronicIllness #hiddendisability #MobilityAids

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    feeling defeated from my ADHD again....

    I have been doing pretty well staying positive until now. maybe i was just ignoring all of my issues for a while. I just find it so difficult to do things that are so easy for others.

    I have been trying since the start of augest to figure out my EI, I still am unable to make an account. I just dont undersand these things, they stress me out. and as soon as i get help and people tell me what i need to do, i go home and try to do it and it just does not work.

    I have no money.... and i am starting to get really stressed.

    I really hate how having an invisible disability can really take a massive toll on your life.

    I literally am lost.

    I am not stupid, I just cant seem to complete these things.

    I cant seem to get the help i need to get this done, especially without feeling like i am being judged.

    I am about to have a child, I need to also figure out all the maternity benifits, and child benifits. I cant put everything on my husband to do for me!!!! he has enough to do.

    I feel judged or down on myself for having a child if my disability is this bad.

    nobody thinks that its this bad.

    I've been overlooked my whole life,

    because I am a girl?

    maybe its becouse i am quite and keep to myself?

    The government has failed me my whole life. At this point i feel like just giving up on getting any benifits and just trying to be as cheap as i can to survive.

    I wish i was maybe a bit better. Maybe then i could provide a better life for myself and my new family.

    #soontobeparent #ADHD #hiddendisability #Anxiety #Depression #Sorry #confusedaboutlife #Procrastination #Disability

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    Down, but not out

    Hello! I’m new to the group and thought I could say hi with this picture. Some wind knocked down this sunflower and my hubby went out to clip it off. He came back in and told me that there was still enough connection to the root that it could live, so we left it. Yesterday I counted nine blooms on it!

    The moral of the story for me is first of all to have Grace, allowing even the possibility of a thing to thrive. Secondly, I think it’s good for us to remember that while we may look different, grow differently, and perhaps even go unseen from the road, we are a critical part of the ecosystem. The birds will still find the seeds on the flower heads, I still sit at the picnic table each night and enjoy the colors, the flower still has a purpose and is living.

    #onwardalways #EDS #hiddendisability #differentisok #EhlersDanlosSyndrome


    Hidden Disability

    I just wondered if anyone else has issues with a hidden disability. I don't need to prove to you all that I am disabled and I am Mighty also at the same time. Some asked about dealing with their disability being in peoples face or plane in view. This ankle is actually the least of my concerns. My neck and back are way worse.  They have less metal in them except my neck has a good bit.  People can't even see the scar.  It's completely hidden that I have 14 screws (one a 60 mm lag bolt), one #80 zimmer plate and one cevical plate and two spinal cages in my body.  I've had countless seizures.  I feel like even though I try to live a normal life I have to prove I am disabled to people and don't know why.  I don't think they believe the hell I went through.  #hiddendisability


    Have you heard or charities who support People with ongoing chronic illness or chronic pain #ChronicIllness #hiddendisability

    I have been doing some research and I can't find a charity in Ireland that does anything for people with hidden disabilities and I believe there is a large community just interested to know if anyone has heard of a charity like it's badly needed. Maybe there is a charity in your country please tell me more if there is. #ChronicIllness #hiddendisability #InvisibleDisability #InvisibleIllness #spoonielife

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    Why we do what we do... #Autism #Sendparents #Chioces #hiddendisability

    Even if Sammy needs me to get into bed @ 5:30 like tonight, I do it. Knowing he won’t be ready to sleep for hours!!! His needs, his equilibrium alongside Connors will always come first.

    Autism is so rigid that there is no sneaking back downstairs while he watches tv. I am a part of his well-being so that’s where he needs me to be.

    So whether we need to fight for services, or if he wants to smell my forehead 15 times an hour or if he needs me to lie awake with him most nights I do it.
    I do it because I love him first and foremost, I do it for safeguarding reasons and I do it because he loves me. He needs me. He would rather lay draped over me in various uncomfortable positions than play with his toys most days, and yes it a bit boring and very uncomfortable but with autism comes a whole new set of unconventional rules. There is no parenting manual. So we just do it. And I quite like the big deep breaths he takes while he smells my head It tells me in the purest form how much he needs me and let me tell you, that is powerful stuff. So if you ever find yourself thinking about me or anyone else you know...”I don’t know how they do it” change that to “they do it because they loves him so much”. 💙


    You look so happy!

    So today I'm going out with my partner and his 2 sons to a festival. The photos and fun will be fab! People often say But You Dont Look Sick You Do Really Well but what they don't see is that I cancelled going out last night (pacing) and am currently resting back in bed after taking my shower this morning. See today I'm struggling with fatigue. And noone sees that. Only my partner. ChronicIllness sucks. Living life as a #Spoonie means tough choices. And medications to get through the pain too.
    #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicIllness #pacing #Fatigue #Spoonie #ButYouDontLookSick #InvisibleIllness #hiddendisability

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