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Riding the wave 🌊 #informationoverload #CalgonTakeMeAway

First post. 🙋🏽‍♀️Mind cluttered with thoughts. Wish I could get an enema or something and this would all go know so I could get back to my usual nightmares😒 Feeling like a hippocrate cause I'm usually showing the upbeat, optimistic side of myself but I know that suppression for me eventually ends up in me imploding or exploding so...thank God for the platform so I can just kind of let it out.
✨I told myself I would only check my phone once a day to stay abreast of things cause...we don't wanna miss that "Hey forget your bags!!! Run out of your house right now there are helicopters...NO QUESTIONS PLEASE" kind of announcement 🙃
✨Yes I'm one of this people who use humor to deflect but I think it can be a creative healthy things and if I can make a few people laugh and smile in the meantime 🥰
✨Man! I spent so much energy writing my I'm like...'Why did you start wrong this? Now you gotta see it through and make sure it's half way descent. I'm slightly OCD, so are 3 of my kids. It comical and painful to watch. I keep wanting to say, "I'm sorry.
✨Ok...well, I gave all my energy to my bio and I have no more to give. Hate leaving this feeling it's unfinished but hey... unfinished projects are nothing new to me. I'll be back💪🏾 #stircrazy #cabinfever #anybodyoutthere #FeelingVunerable #feelinglonely #inmyfeelings #CanIGetOffNow #hi #HaveAnAWESOMEDay


Am I being too sensitive for feeling hurt by a group of friends who have neglected me because my surgeries/illnesses keep holding me back? #ChronicIllness #Friendship #inmyfeelings

I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus, osteoarthritis & Hemophilia & within the past 10 months, had both of my hips totally replaced, right shoulder replaced, and now the other shoulder and both knees will be going soon, due to Avascular Necrosis from the chronic steroids I have been on. During those 10 months, I gained/lost 75lbs d/t steroids as well. It has been hell. The group my bf of 7 years and I were very close to prior to this have completely cut me out, never texted once,called, wished me luck. I feel like a lonely, dramatic loser, but I’m extremely hurt. Am I overroverreacting?

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Finally took some me time

Today has surprisingly been an okay day. Earlier this afternoon my husband told me I should get out of the house for a bit and take some time for myself. So he stayed home with the kids. I went to a coffee shop and read my book and got back into my journal and did some writing. My hearts been so heavy these past few weeks and my anxiety and depression have been in full force. It felt so good to take some time for myself and just journal and get all my emotions down on paper. #Anxiety ##inmyfeelings #Depression #PTSD ##PanicAttacks ##Momlife


The Last Few Days

The last few days my emotions have gotten the best of me. Rightfully so. I was in a car accident and thankfully okay, I'm recovering from a six month long knee injury, and I am still grieving my mom's death from cancer two years ago. It doesn't help it's the holiday season, but the grieving process never ends.

I've just been feeling a little lonely as I live by myself in a big city (in which I love). I just moved four months ago and I'm still transitioning. I am still so happy I made the move. I don't regret it one bit. It's be wonderful! I just am having a hard time making new friends in a new place (and I'm a people person)!

I'm also trying to think of some new hobbies to get into. I feel I need something that is going to stimulate my brain a little more and keep me busy and distracted from the other things going on in my life (stated above). Any hobbies you would suggest?

I'm thrilled it's Friday. This week has just been overly long and exhausting. I can't wait to get some R&R this weekend. It is much needed.

With love, E


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