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#Christian #Stress #Anxiety #overwelmed #stircrazy #lonely #OCD #ADHD #Aspergers

Even though I know I’m sane. I feel like I’m loosing it with the way COVID has almost everyone so scared that I have virtually no one to hang out with. The few friends I have are so busy that I rarely see them and rarely hear from them. I’m told that building a social network of friends is a good thing; this COVID though is making it even harder than before to build such relationships. I’m not saying that I don’t have a hand in my own problem: my OCD, Asperegers, and ADHD have made socializing difficult for me.
It is also difficult for me to enjoy myself anywhere because of the mask mandate. I have chronic #seborrheic Dermatitus which the masks will aggravate. Come to think of it even though a primary care physician told me that was what I had on my face and head; a formal diagnosis from a dermatologist would be a good idea, just to make extra sure that that is what is causing the cradle cap and white to yellow flakes that generat on my face.
I just feel really like I’m loosing mental health through the #quarantine like state that people still live in, the prison of fear, the lack of seeing people real people smile.
I feel like all my #dreams are crashing down around me. God is in control though. I may not be able to see hope through this storm ⛈ but God has a perfect plan for my life. He has a perfect plan for all of you my brothers and sisters! Don’t give up! Keep your eyes on the prize! Keep your eyes on Jesus! God bless you all!


Chronic Illness vs. Sickness

I haven’t been sick for awhile. Obviously some would say I’m constantly sick because I have a chronic illness. But that’s not necessarily true. I’m not sick, I just have a variety of wacky symptoms. I know that I have those symptoms and I can control them to a certain extent. Based off of how much I take care of myself and just depending on the day, I can make my symptoms less debilitating. With an illness such as the common cold, mono, strep throat, the flu, etc. I don’t necessarily have control over that. Today for the first time in a really long time I was stuck in bed actually sick. Sore throat, headache, fatigue, feeling like I was hit with a bus. It was annoying to say the least. I couldn’t do anything. I was stuck in bed all day, but not by choice. I’m not sure if anyone else understands the difference between the two but I think I might go crazy over the next little bit during recovery. Any tips on not going stir crazy in bed?
#PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicIllness #sick #Spoonie #SpoonTheory #Fatigue #ChronicFatigue #mononucleosis #BedriddenForNow #stuckinbed #stircrazy #Headache #sorethroat #control


Virus anxiety

Every thought about the upcoming school year for my children causes me mass anxiety. I can’t stand thinking about what school may be like for them but then I can’t stop thinking about it. I want out of California so bad. This stupid state is so screwed up. I want to move but my husband says no. It’s all entirely possible but he just says no, and that makes me so angry! Stying inside most of the day is making me crazy! I don’t know what to do..... #covidanxiety #stircrazy


Riding the wave 🌊 #informationoverload #CalgonTakeMeAway

First post. 🙋🏽‍♀️Mind cluttered with thoughts. Wish I could get an enema or something and this would all go know so I could get back to my usual nightmares😒 Feeling like a hippocrate cause I'm usually showing the upbeat, optimistic side of myself but I know that suppression for me eventually ends up in me imploding or exploding so...thank God for the platform so I can just kind of let it out.
✨I told myself I would only check my phone once a day to stay abreast of things cause...we don't wanna miss that "Hey forget your bags!!! Run out of your house right now there are helicopters...NO QUESTIONS PLEASE" kind of announcement 🙃
✨Yes I'm one of this people who use humor to deflect but I think it can be a creative healthy things and if I can make a few people laugh and smile in the meantime 🥰
✨Man! I spent so much energy writing my I'm like...'Why did you start wrong this? Now you gotta see it through and make sure it's half way descent. I'm slightly OCD, so are 3 of my kids. It comical and painful to watch. I keep wanting to say, "I'm sorry.
✨Ok...well, I gave all my energy to my bio and I have no more to give. Hate leaving this feeling it's unfinished but hey... unfinished projects are nothing new to me. I'll be back💪🏾 #stircrazy #cabinfever #anybodyoutthere #FeelingVunerable #feelinglonely #inmyfeelings #CanIGetOffNow #hi #HaveAnAWESOMEDay