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Epidural Pain Pump

Anyone out there have (or know someone who has) an Epidural Pain Pump? Looking for any little nugget of info that any of you might have, regarding this pain management device. My pain mgmt doc also mentioned the Intrathecal Pain Pump, but because that one goes through the dura to deliver the medication, I’m SO not comfortable with that. A tear in my dura is led to my AA, so there’s no way I could go that route

Any thoughts on the epidural device though?#AdhesiveArachnoiditis #painpump

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#Kratom has changed my life! #KeepKratomLegal

You can purchase it at any headshop or online & Ive been on morphine, morphine #painpump, hydrocodones & a number of different narcotics & opiates nothing has helped like this does. Will warn though it is addicting & you can withdraw from it but when you’re going to be on addicting substances anyway to control your #Pain you might as well use this. Also only other downside is constipation but that is also typical in other opiates as well & I use Miralax in my coffee everyday & it makes it not a big deal. I had dealt with pain management for years only to have many doctors help me for a bit then cut my meds in half suddenly or not take into account my tolerance, treat me like garbage, not listen & not help me. It was horrible. 6 or so months ago I decided to try kratom for the second time, first time I tried it the brand wasn’t the best, it worked but it was hard to take because I hated the taste which turned me off to it but I’m so glad I tried it again. Best brand I’ve found was Three leaf because they have a purity guarantee so you know they aren’t lacing it with other stuff like some brands like to do. The powder tastes horrible to me as I said so I take them in capsules but many say they make a tea, mix it in a food or drink or just take spoonfuls of it but I just can’t stomach the taste of it. They sell pre capsuled kratom but it’s more expensive so I’ve been using a machine, buying empty capsules & a bag of the kratom powder from Three Leaf company & capping by hand. I purchase my Three Leaf company green kratom from the local head shop “Up In Smoke”. Ever since I started using the pure kratom it’s been life changing. I’m still disabled but I’m no longer constantly bed ridden. I can actually do things & even though I’ve been extremely #depressed because of hardship the kratom has been helping me control my pain. There are a lot of sites online that can give you info on the three types of kratom & figure out what is best for you but for pain I would suggest either the Green or Red kratom. You have to start small at the lowest dose then work your way up to figure out how much you need but many people have made charts to figure out what to start with. I’ve found taking it in capsules helps me keep track how much I take each day & how much I need although some days I need more than others. It really has changed my life & using it alongside #THC & #CBD it has made such a difference in controlling my pain. I hope this helps someone as much as it has helped me with my #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia because being able to control my pain, not have the interference of pain management,& me being able to set my own dose as needed has been awesome. Its not a cure all & it’s not perfect but it has helped me more than any other medication for controlling & coping with my pain especially when compared to opiates. Definitely look online & do some research on it but if you have chronic pain it’s definitely worth checking out!

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Getting a pain pump was the worst decision of my life

I have to say this off the bat, this is just my experience, I’m not downing people who have gotten the #painpump & thrived with it. I was 24 when I got it & I was mentally unstable. I don’t think I should’ve ever been a candidate as I had attempted #Suicide within that same year. I had dealt with #ChronicPain ever since a horrible #CarAccident & when the doctor suggested the pain pump I didn’t have a clue what I was consenting to. He convinced me it would make my life so much better, that I would be dancing & I could go back to work. He took all my pain meds away & basically pushed me into the pump. I was young, naive & believed he would actually help me & but now after the fact I believe he was just trying to cash a check. After the surgery it was clear that none of those things were true & I feel like looking back on it now he took advantage of my desperation to make the pain stop. I had a lot of pain issues after the wreck but once I had the pain pump surgery my #mobility was significantly affected. Ever since the pain pump was implanted I had to walk with a cane. The meds were horrible, I was dealing with severe side affects from them, having waking nightmares but also falling asleep sitting up & the pain at the site of the pump was excruciating & still is. After a year of that hell I demanded the pump be removed & stopped seeing that doctor altogether because I no longer trusted him & believe he was just worried about making money off of my suffering. Ever since the pump was placed & removed my pain & quality of life plummeted even further than it had before I got the pump. I could barely walk, the pain at the site of the pump still to this day hurts me & my hip is constantly flared. I should have never got the pump, I should have never been a candidate for it with my #BipolarDepression & #SuicidalIdeation but here I am & now all I can do is tell my story & hope others don’t make the same mistake I did. Now I’m completely disabled & the pain pump made everything so much worse. Just know some doctors don’t have your best interests at heart, & if they don’t listen then GET A NEW DOCTOR, don’t stay & put up with terrible care, that’s the lesson I learned the hard way. I should’ve walked out as soon as he took my meds away but he got me desperate enough to believe him. Can pain pumps work & help? Yes but not for someone my age or with my medical history. Vet your doctors, make sure you know their record & always vet the surgeries they are suggesting & the success rates of those surgeries. I believe he took advantage of my age not knowing better, not knowing I could say no & not being prepared to vet him or his history. I will forever regret my decision to get the pump & that I listened to that doctor because he made my life & my pain so much worse.

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Roughing Recovery

Ugh! I was hoping this was going to be easier! I finally made the decision to have the intrathecal pain pump implanted and post surgery I have had nothing but issues- horrid spinal headache left me bed bound for 9 days- now I am having nausea and headaches as a side effect of the pump meds- but on the positive side my chronic pain is improved- but if I’m still in bed- how positive is it really???
#PainMedication #painpump #ChronicPain

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Misconceptions and Pain Pumps #painpump #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness

For almost two years I have been battling this decision on my own. The decision of having a intrathecal pain pump implanted after being referred from my GI. I would silently make my list of my why and why nots, pros and cons of having the intrathecal pain pump implanted into my young body. As a healthcare professional, fortunately I was tuned into more than just the generic side effects the surgeon initially rumbled off to me. I have taken two years to make this decision. I felt out the opinions of others despite that this is my pain, my fight, my body. Their opinions made clear the misconceptions of the pain pump was going to take significant education. I made the decision it would really be worth it if I had a successful trial.
I’m currently scheduled August 6, at 28 years young. It’s scary. In so many ways. I could list a hundred scary reasons why I didn’t want to do this initially and I took two years to say yes. But I can tell you the 1 reason I said yes... I want my quality of life back, and the chance may be there with this machine.

While my trial was successful, sometimes the pump fails. I’m praying I’m successful as well and can experience the life changing quality of life that I have seen in other patients that have received the pump.

This journey is terrifying. I’m scared as hell. The risks are high. I have two children... what if something happens?

I’m scared. But I’m having it placed.


Does anyone else have a pain pump and find it helps so much more than oral meds? I am so thankful I had the surgery. #painpump #morphine

So thankful to have had this 4th back surgery in two years. Hoping this is the beginning of getting my life back.