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Song Parody 💡 Idea #laughorcry

So, I fought a cold last week, but it was so intense, that I was sure it was COVID. So, I went to Urgent care, my symptoms fit enough to test me. The results, I found out today, were negative.

At any rate, somehow I have this song idea for a parody of “Sexy and I Know It.” It goes “I have COVID and I know it.”

It would be a kind of tongue in cheek song about hypochondria, and maybe a lot more people can relate to it with the recent pandemic than could before. Idk, I wish I had the time and resources for all the song parody ideas that I get. I might start a YouTube channel called “Weird Elle.”

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Good Morning #OCD #morning giggles

Good Morning Mighty Family

Morning giggles for you

But not so funny everytime I walk into my outhouse aka my shed and look at my dam light. It's on the wonk. Oh my my ocd goes on the blink. I start twitching, I can't stand even looking at the light but that is where my washing machine is.
How can my light be so wonky.
Dam the lockdown. As soon as can be it's going to be fixed.
I had to look at wonky steps for 2 weeks on another home.
🤯😤Just across from me. Drives me nuts.
I lived in a 300 year old house now that was fine as everything was wonky . Nothing was straight. So it was all out of whack. But if one light switch was wonky eer nope. Error put it straight nope.

How is your ocd. ?
What gets you all worked up.

LoVe n HuGs Tj ❤😂😁🐶🐱🐾😘🤗🤦‍♀️

#ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #TrigeminalNeuralgia #laughorcry #sundaygiggles #Family #RareDisease #Anxiety #Love #ClusterHeadaches #ChronicPain #checkonyourneighbours #Bekind #Selfcare

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When a random doctor you've never met says you're healed.

My LTD claim was closed when a dr I never met said I'm cured. The Standard ins co ignored my dr's notes, recommendations and listened to a stranger. A dr who treats patients with my symptoms but says mine don't exist....
Do I not have my illness anymore? Why do I still have headaches? Why did I fall today? 😮Dr Koenig in CA says I'm healed, so why is my neck still burning??? I need answers, dammit🤣.
#ChronicIllness #ChiariMalformation #LTDtrials #laughorcry #TheStandardInsCo

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Sometime have to laugh to hide the tears

Sorry if anyone offended. Not my intent but trying to give some a laugh. I don’t know where this was taken since someone sent it to me who someone sent to them. #laughteristhebestmedicine #laughorcry

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