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The little pleasures

TMI but I went to buy sanitary pads, the usual thin ones were out of stock so had to make do with thick ones. Annoyed! Went home and tried it on. What happened next filled me with warmth, a smile. It felt like a hug, comforting, telling me "I got ya" #findinghappiness #emotions #selfcare #Depression #littlethingsarebigthings

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It’s the little things in life ❤️. I know to often sometimes they are taken for granted, but they truly can save someone’s life 🤗❤️☺️💜🙏
#Depression #Anxiety #littlethingsarebigthings


What worked today?

Hi there! Thought I'd check in with everybody. Did something really good happen for you today? Big? Small? Special and noticeable only to you? Feel free to share it here. I'll go first: I finally cleared my office desk and got it partially organized. Isn't it amazing how something that small can make the day a little smoother? No matter how insignificant to others it may seem, take a moment and give yourself some props for getting up in the morning and having the courage to try. I'm proud of you.

#Anxiety #Survivor #littlethingsarebigthings #loveyourself

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Self Love/Self Care

A friend of mine recently got me into focusing on self love and self care. Sometimes it truly is the little things like a fresh mani, a new lip color, a set of false eyelashes, a perfectly winged eyeliner. This was one of the main reasons I joined Red Aspen. Our mission is to “Inspire women to Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand Together by United passion with purpose.” Lately small things like a new mani has be smiling and not thinking about everything going on around me. They make me feel beautiful. #Selfcare #Selflove #littlethingsarebigthings

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What my body CAN do. #EDS #POTS #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicIllnessEDS #Positivity #littlethingsarebigthings

Living with POTS and EDS is hard, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But when I find myself getting angry at my body I try remember all the things it can do for me and not focus on all the things it can’t, for example;

My lungs - despite all the strenuous activity I insist on doing, they keep breathing in and out.

My muscles - sure, they’re way more stretchy than they should be, but hey! I can get from place to place and that’s a good start.

My bones - they don’t break 24/7 and I really really appreciate that.

My joints - they definitely don’t always work but you know what? They’re trying their best, A+ for effort.

And to my heart, you keep on beating no matter what (albeit somewhat irregularly) but hey, an irregular heartbeat is still a heartbeat.

So yeah, this life is hard. But I do my very best to try not to get too angry with my body, of course I still have bad days but it’s not my body’s fault, it’s no one’s fault and all I can do now is try make the best out of a bad situation. So I’m going to try take care of my body the way it tries to take care of me


Even on my darkest days... #Parenting

Even on my darkest days it give me great joy when either of my daughters are in the other room doing their own thing and singing to themselves. #littlethingsarebigthings

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For those of you who have a supportive spouse or significant other...what small things do they do to help you cope with your chronic illness?

I have Lyme and Fibromyalgia. Thankfully my husband is very understanding. I wake up in very high pain most mornings. One of the sweet things he does is gently massage my thigh muscles (my large muscle groups hurt the most) as well as the insteps of my feet because Fibromyalgia has activated plantar fasciitis for me too, according to my Podiatrist. It means so much to me that he does little things like this. I'd love to hear what your special one does for you! #spouse #lovingsupport #littlethingsarebigthings