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What’s something that makes you happy?

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE dog lover! Whenever I feel like I’m on my last straw or have little hope for what lies ahead, dogs always seem to comfort me and give me a sense of peace. Today, I am going to try my best to do what makes me happy! Whatever it is that makes you happy, share it in the comments, and try to find time to engage with this person, place, thing, or activity today or this weekend!!

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The little pleasures

TMI but I went to buy sanitary pads, the usual thin ones were out of stock so had to make do with thick ones. Annoyed! Went home and tried it on. What happened next filled me with warmth, a smile. It felt like a hug, comforting, telling me "I got ya" #findinghappiness #emotions #selfcare #Depression #littlethingsarebigthings


Today’s thoughts

Well I’ve been doing pretty well since I’ve decided to take control of my life, my mental illnesses and my emotions.
There were a lot of times that I could have blown up but decided to take the high road and distract myself instead.
I know this isn’t going to be an easy road and I know I am going to have slip ups here and there.
I still feel certain things, I still feel hurt by my past but I have to remind myself I don’t live there. I need to live in the present and look forward.
I’ve come to learn a lot of my triggers the last few days and I ask myself “okay but WHY does this upset me?” Asking myself these questions has helped me learn a lot about how to control myself when I do get triggered.
I’ve also come to realize not every little thing needs a HUGE reaction. I’ve just been draining myself by doing so.
Part of the reason I am working so hard on myself right now is because I want my marriage to work. I want my kids to grow up with two happy parents. I want to learn to have patience with my husband and my kids. I want to be utterly and completely in love with life again.
Let me know what you guys have done in order to work on yourselves! Could be anything! Could be blocking a toxic person, or finding a hobby that makes you happy. 😊
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CPTSD #Anxiety #Depression #AdjustmentDisorder #Healing #findinghappiness #workingonmyself

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Feelings of Isolation

After having a very good day yesterday, after getting off work early this morning, I felt overwhelmingly isolated. There are people that I want to be with, but they seem to be gone when I’m at my lowest. It seems like for every week in the past month I’ll have one or two days that feel sunny and enjoyable, then it’s back to the heavy void that hangs over me. I felt very hollow, I couldn’t bring myself to cry because I cried so long and so hard earlier this week. Yet again, I’ve done that at least once a week in the past month. I have opened up about how I’ve been feeling, but I feel as if this cup of emotions that gets dumped out gets overflowed immediately after. I can’t seem to escape this dark fog, even though there are times when rays of light shine through, it leaves the next day and it gets all the more darker than before. I know I can’t wallow in my sadness because the world will continue to go round regardless of my feeling sad, so I feel that I have pick up the pieces to “function at the office” so to speak. I mainly do this because I feel it’s what I’m supposed to do, I go about life to smile in public and fall apart in private. I’ve come to realize that I do certain things to try to fill the void, mainly buying things just to “feel better “. It was something I could never figure out... When all is well, I keep it all in check, but when it’s bad (and continues to get bad), I will do any and everything to just have “happiness”. I never blow it all at once, it’s more like this: “I feel awful...” * I’ll buy this book** I’ll buy this bag*, here and there, etc. Sadly, I’m more apt to buy “happiness” than to ask for a hug or attention because I’m my mind it’s not always available to me. We all have our own lives and deal with various things that I often conclude that I’d be better off shouldering my own load so that I won’t be a burden to someone else who may not want to be bothered. I do think a lot of my woes are self inflicted, but when I do want help, there’s something inside me that prohibits me from speaking up, puts me down for wanting help, and suggests that I continue to harden my outer shell so that I can’t let the world see me vulnerable (or weak). #Depression #NegativeThinking #NegativeThoughts #Isolation #Sadness #Emptiness #findinghappiness
#hurt #feelings