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I had a ckicket living on my bathroom

Alone at home. I am more aware of the noises. It was a night, and I went to the bathroom, and I saw him. He didn't run away, he only kept quiet. Apparently, he was not afraid of me. The next morning, he was there, at the shower. I didn't want him to die, and I made it all possible to move him out there. I could enjoy his presence and his singing for over a week. I was careful to don't hurt him every time I took a shower. I had a cricket living in my bathroom. I felt special because he chose me. Maybe he didn't choose me, but I wanted to think it did. I had a cricket living in my bathroom, and I felt special. He was my little friend. When I felt like I had nothing, a little singing creature made my week.

#Pets #Hope #Homealone #Loliness #Anxiety


The chronic pain and sickness, the best way to describe it is like a human dart board, where r u gonna get hit next, when is the next pain wave gonna spread, when is the next flare???

We never know, that is why I'm thankful for accepting, caring, loving groups like this, woke up moaning and groaning in pain.

Morning and nights r the worse, but pain and sickness is 24/7

Thanks for having a page like this where I can come feel safe, secure, no matter what.

#no Shame