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How do you manage anxiety on a walk?

My wonderful colleague Camara put together this video sharing a few tips that help her with her own anxiety while she’s on a walk.

Watch it here: youtube.com/shorts/NPEQbEfKAH0

Most of the time when I’m walking it’s for my mental health, so keeping other people to a minimum is ideal. Here’s my quick list of what I do!

🎧 I also wear headphones! Instead of drowning out the world, I use earbuds with no sound. I can still hear the beautiful ambient sounds of nature (and people around me!) but serves as a signal that I am not looking to interact at this time.

🐾  Bringing my pup! In all reality, walking a 90 lb malamute mix isn’t all that easy, but despite his absolute goofball & timid personality, his presence does an excellent job of keeping distance.

How do you manage anxiety on a walk?

#Anxiety #MentalHealth #PanicAttacks #Video #mightyvideo

How to Survive Anxiety: On A Walk!

Can you walk the walk? Mighty staffer Camara Rauen shares 5 tips to conquer anxiety when going for walk outside in your neighborhood. #Shorts #Short #Anxiety...
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Have you ever heard of a neurodiverse theatre company?

In partnership with EPIC Players, The Mighty went behind the scenes during a rehearsal to see how they make their theater company work for neurodiverse performers.

But what is EPIC Players?

EPIC Players (Empower, Perform, Include, Create) is a nonprofit, neurodiverse theatre company dedicated to creating professional performing arts opportunities and supportive social communities in the arts for persons with developmental disabilities. Via inclusive mainstage productions, musical cabarets, original showcases, skills-based classes and career resources, they hope to increase critical employment opportunities, pioneer increased inclusion in the arts, and break down social stigmas surrounding neurodiverse communities.

Watch our video and if you get the opportunity, go see one of their shows in NYC!


#Neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergent #Autism #ADHD #SensoryProcessingDisorder #Video #mightyvideo

Let's Go Behind the Scenes of a Neurodiverse Theatre Company #Shorts

We went behind the scenes during rehearsal to see how EPIC Players, a theatre company in NYC, creates an environment that works for neurodiverse performers! ...

NEW VIDEO: Don't Like the Traditional Pain Scale? Try "The Splat Scale”

As people with chronic pain will attest, the standard pain scale doesn’t cut it.

That’s why for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia International Awareness Day, we connected with Mighty super contributor, Christina Irene, who created her own version called "The Splat Scale."

Whether you are having a "Moped Day" or "Freight Train Day," this system may be more relatable if you live with daily chronic pain.

Where do you fall on "The Splat Scale?"


#Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #mightyvideo

Don't Like the Traditional Pain Scale? Try "The Splat Scale” #Shorts

To put the traditional pain scale in its place, Mighty super contributor Christina Irene created her own version called "The Splat Scale." Whether you are ha...

🕵🏼 I went undercover to answer questions about bipolar disorder!

This week I did something fun – I went undercover on The Mighty to answer questions asked by the community.

I did some digging around #BipolarDisorder and shared some details about my own experience from what helps me during a manic episode to the cool items located in my bipolar disorder “toolkit!"

Watch the full video on The Mighty’s YouTube channel and share your own answers: www.youtube.com/watch

What other conditions do you want us to answer undercover?


#Bipolar1Disorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Mania #Hypomania #BipolarQuestionOfTheWeek #mightyvideo

Going Undercover on Bipolar Disorder

After her recent diagnosis, Mighty staffer Ashley Kristoff is going undercover on The Mighty to find out what burning questions you have about bipolar disord...
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