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Just so tired of migranes

So I was sufferer of migrane headaches choriclly for quite a few years. But as of recently have also become pregnant with twins I am 13 weeks and two days as of right now . Lol and I want to get the point I am actually enjoying pregnancy but with my already longgg list of physical health issues it’s not an easy thing to do and truth me told I am struggling so much so that I am taking into consideration talking to a disability lawyer. Cause my laundry list of physical and mental health issues simply gets worse and worse . And I can still get up and do things but not nearly as much as I was before . And I would struggle a lot at trying to maintain a “normal” job anymore.
Ugh I woke up this morning with my friend I spent the night cuddling lol with a mirgane that felt as if it was splitting my skull open I finally got over deal with this and now I have one again. I went to my nurologist to address this issue and they told me I could not be on medication for migrane help due to being pregnant! Yet I have read several articles stating it seems like you get more migranes when you are preggers anyway lol yay!
It never ends lol!
Ugh I am also on day three of quitting smoking and vaping and I almost grantee that the headaches are increasing some due to withdrawal symptoms as well.
Lol and I also have had a bad track record of getting tension headaches , and sinus headaches as well wondering if I could be Getting tons of stress headaches also
This would not bother me sooo much if it wernt for how painful it is! How I can go anywhere bar light of any kind , or being around sound PERIOD!
I mean I might as well just curl up in a fetal position in a deep dark light less sound less cave some where when I get migranes lol #migranes #Pregnancy #fml

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Forget the Negatives. Focus on the Positives

I have abdominal migraines so doing virtual work is hard. I have to take breaks because of how bright the screen is and I tend to lose sleep trying to finish my assignments because of these breaks. But I don't care about these anymore. I'm just glad I don't have to be in bright, noisy, stressful environments trying to act like things are okay when they're not. I'm happy I get to spend time with my dog 24/7 and I'm grateful for all those working during covid! God bless you! I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe! Whoever is reading this, I hope only good things come your way!  #Staypostive #migranes

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How do you guys deal with the anxiety jitters?

Recently been dealing with heavy anxiety, due to chronic migraines I’ll sit and thing about what could be wrong or why do i feel this way and etc today i feel like my arms and legs have no energy and i was told that it’s from anxiety or panic attacks. Just want to see what you guys do to help out with that. Thanks in advance l!! #Anxiety #migranes #PanicAttacks


2020 - Advocacy #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #chronic

I am a Senior in the 2020 class and unfortunately the rest of my senior year and graduation has been cancelled. This is a sad time, but I am trying to make the best out of it.

My dream in life is to become an advocate for those with Invisible Illnesses and Disabilities. As someone from the community, I would love to share my story as well as inform others on the topic. I have already given a few speeches to high school students.

I have #EhlersDanlosSyndrome (Hypermobility), #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome, #Lymphedema, #Costochondritis, #Anxiety, #Depression, #migranes and #ChronicPain.

I am seeking advice and help on the road to advocacy! I figured since school is out the window, now would be the best time to focus on my passion for this.

Stay safe!❤️


pediatric migraines #migranes #pediatricmigranes #Apps

My 9y/o sister had been diagnosed with pediatric migraines and we’ve started recording/tracking them using an app we found called migraines buddy; highly recommend the app.


Has Cymbalta not worked for anyone woth #Fibromyalgia?

I changed my antidepressantss to Cymbalta at the start of November 2019. I take 90mg but I just haven’t experienced a change in pain levels... in fact, I feel as though my pain has shifted from being predominantly lower body to upper body pain now. I have also started getting frequent #Headaches/#migranes that I think might be ‘referred pain’ as pain in my lower and upper back and shoulders is constant now. #Fibro


Occipital Nerve Block #2

got my second nerve block today in the occipital nerve. #hope4relief from the #migranes and only had 1 ciggerette today. one day at a time.


New Symptoms- anyone else have them with #HEDS ?

I have #EhlersDanlosSyndrome,  and lately my body has beet doing something weird:
I usually take a nap every day from 3-5pm ish. The past week I've gotten really bad headaches that prevent me from sleeping. I think they're #migranes?  I also feel nauseous, and I get flushed and hot. Then I get chills.
Does anyone else get symptoms like this? Is it something I need to tell my doctor about, or just a normal everyday EDS thing?


I’m dealing with chronic migraines and it’s starting to depress me and I just pray to not have them because I literally can’t do anything but lay down

I’m a very out going person but I feel these migraines are stealing my joy for life #migranes


Medicine for the really bad migraines #VestibularMigranes

When I’m at my worst like today, I find my moms homemade beef barley soup waiting for me in my fridge. When meds don’t work and sitting in the dark at least I know I have some really good soup with moms touch. #momssoup #naturalmedicin #migranes