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Just for a Day

Just for a day I’d like to wake up without being extremely tired due to Crohn’s or #MitochondrialCytopathy. Just for a day I’d like to wake up without having joint or #BackPain from #Arthritis.   Just for a day I’d like to wake up and have lots of energy to do several tasks  instead of figuring out which one takes top priority.

Just for a day I’d like to not have a multitude of tests and blood work to make sure that I’m not anemic, my white cell count isn’t high, I don’t have an infection that’s hard to get rid of, or to have an MRI/CT/sonogram to figure out what’s causing one of my health issues to act up.

Just for a day I’d like to not look at the “battle scars” on my arms from countless IVs and blood draws. Just for a day I’d like to not have to look at my body from all the surgical scars that serve as a reminder of what I’ve gone through over the years.

Just for a day I’d like to not have to wonder if my body’s going to throw a clot  in both legs or my brain causing a second #Stroke. Just for a day I’d like to be able to not have to worry if Crohn’s disease is going to destroy the rest of my small intestines and I’ll wind up with #ShortBowelSyndrome.  Just for one day I’d like to not wonder if more surgery is in my future. Just for a day I’d like to not be so self conscience of my #Aphasia acting up, my cognitive deficits, or short term memory loss especially when I’m among friends.

But not today. Today  I’m going to focus on the present and cherish every moment because life’s too short to worry about the future. Today I’m going to be the best person I can be.Today I’m going try my hardest to accomplish what I set out to do and that’s all I can ask of myself.

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I feel like this single words sums up my ultimate daily goal while living with chronic illness. .
I can not (to an extent) change my illness, I can not change the reactions of other’s to my illness, I can not change what my doctor says/does, or if I will get certain things in life that I want or wish for.
This is a very difficult practice, but one that I have really come to appreciate and respect, because it brings me a great sense of peace when I am just accepting of life’s circumstances as they are and not trying to change things. It brings great peace of mind when living in the midst of chronic illness. .
Here’s to all those with , keeping your S&%# together while everyone else would be loosing it dealing with what you face everyday! .
#equinimity #peace #mindfullness #equinimity #MitochondrialDisease #MitochondrialCytopathy #Spoonie #ChronicIllness #LymeDisease #Dysautonomia