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Savour the moment! #MentalHealth #Depression #Relationships #Anxiety #mindfullness #FamilyAndFriends #CheckInWithMe

I had an accident at home recently. The pain has been pretty distracting but in the midst of it all there have been reasons to be thankful.

God help me to live in the moment so that I don’t miss the colours, opportunities and blessing of that time.

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Coloring #AdultColoringBooks #AdultColoring #mindfullness

I was looking for things to do and I remembered all my coloring supplies I had. So I pulled out the sharpie markers and started coloring for the first time in a long time. Here is the first picture I completed.

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#PTSD flashbacks can cause such chaos

I’ve been dealing with #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder for a long time, probably longer then I have realised. I have been taught to breathe in, breathe out, #mindfullness and all that. Now I can’t even think about breathing in and out, now I’ve found it more relaxing to breathe in, and scream. #inhalepeace #exhalechaos #MentalHealth #recoveryisntlinear

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Attention and focus #mindfullness #stayinghealthy

Two things I’ve discovered that are very important for us A type personalities to keep performing without burning the candle at both ends - and falling into a hole.

Attention is what we think about. What wolf are we feeding? Engaging with negative influences or reacting to dramas out of your control is what robs your attention. I think of it like a cross wind trying to blow you off your desired course.

Focus is when we zoom in on key tasks. Not trying to do it all at once but carefully selecting what’s important and working in a methodical order.

This week I’m applying this to my work life. I’ve already altered my workflow so I’m working at optimal times of the day. Eg analytical and computer tasks I’m best in the morning and hands on tasks I’m best in the afternoon or evening.

I hope this rings true for someone here today. It’s called wisdom and working smart

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Never underestimate the Power of recharging #mindfullness #Depression #Burnout

This weekend I went away on my own. I switched off my phone. Read a book. Did whatever I felt like doing.

Definitely going to do this a lot more often. My mind feels fresh and I feel more optimistic about my world.

Imagine if we never charged up our phones… it would turn off and calls would get missed.

A big part of my past has been tied in with saying yes to often and burning out.

Lesson learned and the pic doesn’t really do it justice! I feel full and grateful.

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Live music is back #Depression #mindfullness

Today I played a concert. It was in a beautiful auditorium and it went great.

Feels great knowing I have healed from burn out and depression. I appreciate my mental health a lot more as a result.

I take care of myself a lot better nowadays, but now and then I find myself repeating old habits.

Feels great to sing again!


#Mindfulness and life

So I'm an avid gamer and got a new game recently and also been having a bad fibromyalgia flare so been using that to cope. Today I'm at the gym and all I want to do is game but this is a time for self care and mindfulness. I have to remind myself of that and remind myself not to push myself too much today for the flare doesn't get worse or start up again. I'm trying to stay positive and let myself know the gaming is okay and my coping mechanism.
I need to remind myself that not working out fully is okay and if I can't today and just use the hot tub/pool/steam room etc. that it's okay. Today is a day of mindfulness.
Any tips for the fibromyalgia and gym and anxiety?
#Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #Gaming #ChronicDepression #mindfullness

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New walls for my recording studio. #Depression #mindfullness

It’s a new year. I’m freshening up my recording studio. The timber is from recycled pallets. Carefully sanded, and oiled.

Every one is different. Imperfect but perfect.

I’m looking fwd to this year and the creativity of this space will influence thousands of people.

There’s something really cool about working with wood. It’s a form of meditation for me.

I hope this inspires someone who might be in a bad space.

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B is for Breathing


Mental health, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD.

Breathing is an automatic bodily response, to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide; it's something we mainly do without much thought - but in times of pain, anxiety and stress it is our automatic response to hold our breath, or breath shallowly and fast.

We can utilise our breaths and use breathing techniques to help with mindfulness or grounding exercises.

Breath training can also make us feel more physically well by ensuring we have an optimum oxygen intake at rest or while exercising.

Some examples of different breathing exercises to try are given below. Start with small and realistic goals of how many times, and for how long, you want to practice - you may find it useful to schedule in timeslots throughout the day/week (maybe just starting with just a couple of minutes each time). Some techniques can even be practised whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or whenever you have a minute or so to spare.

1. Breathing focus technique:

(A mindfulness tool, can reduce stress and anxiety).

* Choose a focus word that makes you feel relaxed, smile or is neutral (eg. "Peace", "relax" or "ocean").

* Sit or lie down in a comfortable place and position.

* Without changing how you are breathing, bring awareness to your breaths.

* Take a normal breath, followed by a deep breath and continue to alternate - notice how the breaths feel and the differences.

* Place a hand just under your belly button, keeping relaxed, notice how it rises and falls.

* Using only deep breaths, sigh on each exhale, as loud as you can, keeping your focus word in mind.

* Think about the imagery surrounding that word - how it may bring a wave of calm on each inhale.

* Consider how each exhale may expel tension, stress and anxiety.

(Start by practising for just several minutes and try to build up to around 10+ minutes each session).

2. Pursed lip breathing:

(Useful when exercising to make a deliberate effort for each breath and slow down the pace of breathing.)

* Relax your neck and shoulders.

* With your mouth closed, slowly inhale through your nose to the count of 2.

* Purse your lips into a whistling position and exhale slowly to the count of 4.

* Repeat for the rest of your activity.

(This can also be practised when not exercising, to refine the technique and bring awareness to the pace of your breaths).

3. Resonant breathing (sometimes called coherent breathing).

(Maximises your heart rate variability and studies have shown can reduce symptoms of depression when combined with yoga).

* Inhale slowly to the count of 5.

* Exhale slowly to the count of 5.

* Repeat for at least a few minutes (or more if you have available time).

#breathe #mindfullness #mindfulBreathing #JustBreathe #Awareness #breathTraining #exercises #mindful

#MentalHealth #Selfharm #SCUFF #ScarCoverUpFreedomFund

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Overcoming overwhelming feelings #Depression #mindfullness #Burnout

Yesterday I started to experience depressed feelings. It’s like my cup is empty and I feel annoyed at ppl all the time. It feels like every interaction is trying to pull me down... ...So, what am I doing about it you say?

1. Early night, plenty of water. Phone off. Re assess in the morning.
2. Woke up tired and heavy.
3. Journal list. Priorities listed in order of importance. Started with my name at the top because that is always the most important item.
4. Called work and said I’m run down so will not come in.
5. Healthy breakfast and watched a movie in the sun sitting in my bean bag.
6. Did some website edits during the movie. Stopped when I felt tired.
7. 2 hour nap. Tried not to think about what I have to achieve. Just stopped and rested my body.
8. Healthy lunch.
9. Pay some bills.
10. Watch rest of movie.
11. Did some wood work tasks, kitchen floor prep. This means I’m one step closer to completing the renovations.
12. Relax

Early night and reassess tomorrow. No alcohol, plenty of water and observe my energy levels increasing.

I hope this helps someone who might be dealing with similar challenges today.