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My husband told me he doesn’t like me anymore

I have degenerative arthritis, burning thigh syndrome, and a busted rotator cuff that I’m in the process of getting fixed. I am clinically diagnosed with MDD and anxiety disorder, impulse control disorder, panic attacks, the whole bit. I went to get ice cream alone while he was gone and pulled in to the driveway just like he does and put my car in park to enjoy what little time I get out the house. Well as I was eating the ice cream, I felt so comfortable that I fell asleep. I got a little ice cream on my hand and when he came ho e with our daughter he made a scene like no other. I’m on prozac, depakote, seroquel and Xanax which before I left I had not taken any of my night time meds because I knew I was driving. As I’m fully relaxed in my car just taking the outside world in, he pulls up, opens my door and continues to yell at me and call me disgusting names and tells me I don’t like you anymore, the whole bit. Fast forward, I have to take the all of the above prescribed meds and he continues to make fun of me because I’m on these meds and continues to call me names. All I was doing is sitting in my car, listening to music in my own driveway eating my ice cream while he was gone which I never do, but it felt great to me at that moment. I just need some confirmation that I’m not a bad person because he made a scene so bad that every name was said to me out of the book of the meanest names so someone, my husband, can call me even tho I’m fragile and he knows it. #narcisticabuse #MentalHealthDays

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The day I left my toxic and emotionally abusive marriage

I was married for 17 yrs when I decided to leave. My X was diagnosed with #Bipolar1Disorder and #SchizoaffectiveDisorder . He was in and out of hospitals. When he went off his meds he was scary and emotionally abusive. We have a 19 yr old son together. He was taken at 7 by CPS. He was not abused in any way shape or form. Eventually he went to live with my X brother. Our marriage went down hill from there. He became manic again and he would gaslight me and make me think I was crazy. On June 27th 2018 I had a therapy appointment at 1pm and he was not going to take me cause he knew we would talk about him. So I called my friend and she said she would take me. I told him and for some reason I got into the car with him. He started to speed so I told him to pull the effing car over he did. I grabbed the phone and left. I called my friend she called the police and the rest is history. I found my strength, worth and courage to leave. It will be 3 yrs January 6 that I’ve been divorced. #MajorDepressiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder and #PTSD #ChildhoodAbuse #narcisticabuse


Abuse Realization #narcisticabuse #childhoodtrama #Memories # parentdeath

Hi there, my mom passed in March of this year and I’m slowly realizing... I think I was emotionally abused? I struggle to remember anything but bad moments in my childhood. I can’t remember people’s names, or books I liked or anything. And I keep remembering bad moments with her. I started having nightmares. Has anyone else realized they were emotionally abused as a child after they grew up? I’m really anxious right now.



I've reached the place
That I'll have to accept
Who you never would be
I can't afford anymore tears shed
You honestly don't deserve them
You've broken me in so many ways
The worst is not knowing exactly who it was I loved
I wish I could shrug it off and keep moving forward every day
It hurts so deep realizing we were just not real after all
I was nothing more than a fool
In each and every possible way
Believing in someone when the reasons were none
And I'll never understand why someone could be so cruel
With all your empty promises
I'm left with the bittersweet memories I've cherished
They hold no value to you
I was the fool who fell for your lies
Confused by my low self-esteem
I breathed all of you in but then you just sucked the life out of me
It no longer hurts when I think of you loving on someone else
I've watched you replay the tape
Nothing's changed except maybe her name
Because you're still nothing more than a shell of what a real man should be
You've not ever once
Put somebody ahead of yourself
Capable of loving only when it's convenient for you
You poured salt in my wounds
But it all only proves
Its not any more real for you with somebody new
Because you're still a lost soul
So unhappy with yourself
You make everyone close to you that way too
And one day soon I'll know what it's like to not have a single
Reason to think about you
You taken everything else
Time is now all I have to myself
It'll be so much better not spending it with you
#Relationships , #heartbreak , #narcissism , #narcisticabuse , #breakup

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