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    You May Want To Forgive Your Parents For

    Some people couldn’t ever understand, or “get” this, or come to this realization..#FamilyAndFriends #Depression #childhoodtrama #PTSD #Forgiveness

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    Don’t Be Ashamed Off Your Past !

    Be Strong!!

    #childhoodtrama #PTSD #ChronicPain

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    Childhood Trauma Survivors.

    I know telling these stories is hard. It really hurts some days. It feels like things will not get better.

    Yet with each each word you are creating change. Our stories create a domino effect. They show others they are not alone. They give others the strength to step into their truth and begin to heal.

    Telling my story has changed me. I thought that it would weaken me. That my vulnerability would leave me open to criticism. It didn’t.
    Instead It showed me how strong I was. It created connections with other survivors, that helped me move forward. In my testimony I have discovered my strength.

    I know how hard it is to tell that truth. Keep speaking out. You have the power to change the world.
    #childhoodtrama #Addiction #MentalHealth #HealingVoices #adultchildrenofalcoholics


    Self worth Struggle

    Does anyone else stuggle with thoughts of worth? I have such a hard time being proud of accomplishments, id rather hide or run away then be praised. I feel im not worthy of nice things, I have to take up as little space, time, money, resourses as possible. Its a burden I still, at 40 carry today. And advice?
    #MentalHealth #childhoodtrama

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    Hard Day. #MentalHealth #MentalHealthHero #childhoodtrama #Flashbacks

    I lost it last night.
    It was a look. I interrupted my husband, and he got frustrated with me. That feeling reflecting in his face was enough to send me reeling.
    I got upset, and everything rose to the surface. The fear that I have been feeling, the worry about rejection. the grief. My old wounds mixed with my current stress, and the fear overwhelmed me.
    It triggered a flashback.
    Suddenly I was that little kid again, cowering in the back of the closet, my hands over my ears trying to drown out the sounds of my parents screams as they fought. It brought up deep rattling sobs and fear. I was drowning in the past.
    It took my husband holding onto me, repeatedly telling me I was safe to surface again.
    Today I am still feeling it. I feel sluggish. My thoughts are scattered. Most of all my heart feels heavy.
    Most days I have a good handle on my trauma. There are also days where painful memories push to the surface. Both are part of my healing journey.
    I wanted to share this to share that it is ok if you are struggling. If you are struggling to heal in the midst of all of this.
    Be kind to yourself today. ❤️

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    Controlling codependent emotions!

    I keep wanting to message my new man friend..
    I know if I want a healthy relationship in the future I need to maintain my own space and the trust to let him have his!
    I don't want to come on strong or scare him off, infact I don't want to be awake at 1am wondering about all the possibilities..

    I've got enough diagnosis's I could blame that on.. #BipolarDepression #CPTSD #BDD #ChildhoodTraumaSurvivors #Survivor

    But I'm choosing to consciously change my behaviour patterns, I don't want to engage in negitive, codependent or unhealthy relationships.. as well as Knowing my self worth that also means being aware of my actions when I'm starting a possible new relationship dynamic and challenging the bits I know are unhealthy.. like my need for approval, my want to have the person I'm starting to care about to dote on me or be in constant contact with me..

    These are My issues and ones I don't want to carry forward into my new relationships, so I'm viewing this each emotion as it arises and not giving in to old habits of acting clingy or just validating my day via if someone connected me or not!

    I'm just buzzing to be building a new connection with someone who shares my passions for nature, animal welfare, wild swimming and foraging..
    These are the things I want to be doing in my new life in the countryside!
    it's awesome to think I might build a relationship with someone that is not based on just empathy or shared trauma but actually on shared passions in life!

    In the last 9 months since being raped, ive been on my own and I've Grown so so much!
    I've been single for long periods before but I was always having casual sexual relationships, this was the first time I truly Only focused on my own energy and didn't search out a physical connection with anyone at all for nearly a year..

    Partly to protect myself but the knock on effect has been Amazing and I didn't really know it until I started making a new bond with someone and observed all the differences in the way I deal with the whole experience!
    also that I feel worthy of someone who truly cares about my past trauma, mental well-being, shares my passions and wants to learn about me in aid to better be able to take care of me not to manipulate me.

    Massive positive changes and a greater ability to gage what is healthy in starting relationships! Yayyy!
    Time working on self care and having a therapist to talk tob had a huge positive impact!! ☺️

    #Fibromyaliga #CPTSD #BipolarDisorder #Survivor #childhoodtrama #Relationships #SexAndRelationships #SexAndBipolar #movingforward #Hope #copingskills


    How to get over your denial about your trauma diagnosis?

    I’m undergoing therapy for complex childhood trauma and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to accept that it’s true. No matter what my therapist says and how much I resonate with it, I can’t wrap my heart around it being CPTSD. I know I hit all the list of symptoms and I have severe anxiety and dissociation over the past, and logically it makes sense, but I just can’t settle with it. Because I’ve never been starved or neglected physically, I keep thinking that it can’t be the case because I’ve had parental figures growing up. Even though I was emotionally abused and molested, I just can’t accept the trauma diagnosis. And because of this, I feel like I’ll keep grappling with how I feel forever and I’ll never recover.

    Anyone had the same feeling? And how did you get through this?

    #Depression #Anxiety #AnxietyDisorders #PanicAttacks #PanicAttack #PanicDisorder #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #childhoodtrama #Trauma #CPTSD #PTSD #EmotionalAbuse #Mentalillnessfeelslike #MentalHealth #PsychiatricMedication #Psychotherapy


    Abuse Realization #narcisticabuse #childhoodtrama #Memories # parentdeath

    Hi there, my mom passed in March of this year and I’m slowly realizing... I think I was emotionally abused? I struggle to remember anything but bad moments in my childhood. I can’t remember people’s names, or books I liked or anything. And I keep remembering bad moments with her. I started having nightmares. Has anyone else realized they were emotionally abused as a child after they grew up? I’m really anxious right now.

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    You are more than what you have been through.

    #Addiction #childhoodtrama


    Childhood Trauma #Trauma

    From my earliest memories on all I remember is chaos. My dad is an addict and my mom was dismissive and selfish. My dad physically and mentally abused my mom for the first 8 years of my childhood and then she moved on to many boyfriends who were constantly being moved in with us. I've watched my dad beat my mom and then choke her for not answering him how or when he wanted. Then there was my mom, who emotionally neglected her children and made her oldest be the one who took care of her siblings. As children we were meant to be seen and not heard, we weren't allowed to have opinions or voice them.

    When your earliest memories are violent and chaotic it's hard to get out of fight or flight mode. Now as an adult I struggle to have relationships and I struggle to open up. Isn't it funny that we always seem to be followed by the things our parents did. Childhood trauma affects people for the rest of their lives. It hurts us to our core. When the people who were supposed to love and protect you are really the ones who do the most damage, its hard to come to terms with.

    I'm 28 now, I've spent most of my life taking care of my siblings and then as an adult my parents. I am the shoulder they cry to. I am the one they borrow money from. My dad is still an addict, for a few years he lived with me. I thought I could take care of him but he doesn't want to get sober and he doesn't want to grow up.

    Everyday I remind myself to let go. But sometimes... Sometimes I remember. Sometimes I'm 3 hiding under my crib while my dad beats my mom because he came home high or drunk again. Sometimes that's okay, as long as every day I wake up and try to be better than they were.

    #childhoodtrama #ChildhoodTraumaSurvivors #Trauma   #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Surviving #survivingyourparents