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#Addiction #Addict #HeroinAddiction #deppression #MentalHealth

Hi I'm new here I suffer with mental health and have addiction issues I'm not a mixer of people so trying to build up some sort of support through thos app as I have herd ppl rave about it

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Alcohol addiction

How do you define as a person who has an addiction to alcohol? Like am I an #Addict or just having a good time? How do I know when it’s #NotOK #Asking #addicton

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Seeing Beyond The Label: 'Addiction:'

I believe addiction to extend beyond the clinical terms of

'dopamine', 'reward', 'cycle', 'pattern', 'habit' & the like.

I stand by the proposition of it being a chronic disease, as

you would view any other illness, of which warrants the

dignity, respect, consideration, acknowledgement, and

treatment as per any other health condition.

Terms of 'weak' & 'choice' perpetuate the notion & stigma that

addicts are 'less than', and do not warrant the common

courtesy of being a part of the human condition and of

being human.

Addiction deserves to be viewed in a holistic, multi - faceted approach; with it's factors,

components, triggers, and mental health as part of a

bigger picture of an individual’s entire life experience.

The key concept in viewing and treating addiction should incorporate a person's underlying / core issues.

What perpetuates the behaviour?

What relief & purpose does it bring?

From what pain and anguish is the person medicating against?

I firmly state that addiction is not a singular clinical terminology, nor a deficit of character, personality, or willpower.

I believe it to be a remedy for whatever is missing (real or perceived) within a person.

The common themes?

Love. Connection. Relief. Humanity.

To be human.

In the duality of being an integral part of the human experience, to be a valued and included member of society as a whole and within a person’s societal community of choice.

To experience all aspects of being human: the emotions, the roles, and the diversity and complexity.

Being human can be messy, painful, and unpredictable for us all.

Throw into the mix trauma, mental illness, stress, and difficulty in emotional regulation, and then maladaptive coping mechanisms and patterns form.

We are all doing our best being human.

Trying to deal with life and whatever that entails for us.

We all seek relief, comfort, and peace: in a multitude of ways.

For some, what once started as remedy and medicine, has become addiction, in whatever form that may take.

(Behavioural - Gambling, Substances & Alcohol)

To be human is complex.

Addiction is complex.

Addiction is to be viewed holistically, broadly in scope, and with the basic kindness and compassion of that which is the human condition.

#Addiction #MentalHealth #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #personalitydisorder #PTSD #PTSD #CPTSD #ADHD #Trauma #Abuse #narcissistic #narcissist #Recovery #Addict #AddictionRecovery #Healing #heal #Depression #Anxiety #OCD


No matter where you are in your addiction journey, we're here for you.
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#Addict #BPD #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #SchizophreniformDisorder #OCD #EatingDisorders #PTSD #Depression

I loved this when I came across it.
I often feel as though I font get enough praise/acknowledgement etc for getting out of bed choosing to be NICE today even haha. I was #bulimic and #anorexic from the time I was 14-30. :/ ... I engaged in those feelings for 5 years.. ITS A BIG DEAL. #people act like " just get it together" " yoy shouldn't have done it in the first place" yoy realize every F-ING day is a struggle for me right. With food... should I puke. Should I not eat today. AND #Depression AND #Anxiety AND #BPD AND #OCD
I SEE YOU, good for you for waking up today ! Good for you 👍 it is a big deal being you, you are important, if you dont have it in you to be YOUR OWN CHEER LEADER I can do it for you right now
( ITS EASIER FOR ME TO praise others, see there effort and gifts and the good in them then it is to acknowledge my own)

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The dark rabbit hole.

After my mother decided to take her own life, I desperately wanted to understand.
Like a detective, I pieced together all of her final moments. Restlessly obsessing night after night over questions without answers.
As I became aware I was slipping into a dark place, I embraced it for my desire to understand my mother’s suicide was greater than any other desire I had.

Finally one day, I got it.
I completely understood why a person would choose to take their own life, because I was now at that point.
An alcoholic, a gambling addict, depressed, anxious, alone and on the verge of a mental breakdown, I was drowning in my own misery.
I had to spend the years retracing my steps to find peace once again.

Until you’re engulfed by the darkness, you will never understand.
If you don’t understand, be grateful that you don’t. Make your peace, let it go.
Don’t chase your loved one down the dark rabbit hole!

#Suicide #SuicidalThoughts #Depression #mentalhealthawareness #Depression #Anxiety #alcoholic #Addict

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Labels are limitations

The labels that we attach to ourselves often confine us to that reality.

Instead of saying I’m an alcoholic say, I am a non drinker and proud of it.
One label is a position of weakness and one label is strength

#alcoholic #Depression #Anxiety #Suicide #Addiction #Addict

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To my Drug Addicted Mum -

Growing up the hardest thing for me was accepting that I wasn’t enough, I wasn’t enough to make you want to win the battle of addiction.

I wasn’t enough for you to choose me and that’s something that will hurt me forever. Now that I’m grown I’ve come to understand that Drugs are like a chaotic vortex that sucks in the vulnerable and the helpless and unfortunately mum that person was you.

You allowed yourself to become captive in its grasp and allowed it to consume you and subsequently ruined many lives in the process.

Being the child of an addict bares its own consequences, the emotional turmoil I’ve faced from the lies and deception from you mum should be enough to make me hate you forever but you are my creator, for that I am thankful and I can’t take that away from you.

I am your daughter, your little girl and yet you can lie so easily to my face, time after time you betray me and crush the last remaining bits of trust I have left and then expect me to be waiting for you with open arms.

Mum I’m lost. I try to remind myself that these are the actions of an ill and addicted mind but ultimately YOU chose this path. No one forced a pipe into your mouth and that’s something I struggle to get my head around. If your 3 heartbroken children isn’t enough to make you stop then what will? At this rate it will be death.

Mum why wasn’t I enough? :(
#Addiction #Addict #childofanaddict #MentalHealth #BPD #betrayed #Drugs #help #alone #drugaddiction #HeroinAddiction