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I Just Can’t Win

I can’t explain how many times I’ve told myself “I just can’t win!”. Whenever I feel stuck on a situation, I am told to always ask for help and advice, but how do you ask for help and advice when those people just tend to confuse you even more by ignoring you what you tell them, and saying things to make you feel selfish or guilty on the inside. I can be told to help others more when I help others plenty already, yet I can be looked at and told I am helping too much and to help myself more and that I need to put me first. I know when the right time is to put others first before me and when I need to put me first before others as well as when I need to do teamwork. When I come across others who are important to me and I feel it is there turn to be in need of someone being there for them for a change instead of me, I am still looked at as not putting me first before others selfishly. If I can’t be there for others, then it will feel impossible to expect others to also be there for me when I also need it most in return. I just can’t win. 😑😕😒#Rejection #Depression #Anxiety #nevergivingup


#Recovery #nevergivingup #Depression

I am on my journey of RECOVERY for the New Year,I am being BRAVE and taking care of me. Today I have my first Counseling sesh at my College. Its time to take care of me so Im Alive and Present for my son. He deserves to see his mom healthy ❤ #strongmama #bravery

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“Hope in spite of the dark”☀️🔆🔆🌠💕💞🙂😇

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light 💡💕💛😊 ^~^ #Hope #HarryPotter #Inspiration #Quotes #Happiness #darkness #Yourstoryisnotoveryet #semicolonproject #nevergivingup

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Not letting health conditions define your intrinsic #value

I refuse to let the stigma society puts out there regarding my disabilities into my life. It does not define my own self worth. I refuse to not live a good as normal as possible life despite having multiple disabilities since childhood. & I refuse to ever give up on my dreams. I will one day have a degree career & successful everything. It just might be a few ...decades. One day at a time. The roundabout routes still get there in the end. #nevergivingup #Goodlife #enjoy #journey

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I’m a #cervicalstenosiswithbonespurswarrior Where are my fellow warriors out there?

Lazy I hate that word lazy. Why? Because people just assume those of us with our chronic health conditions why can’t we just get up and do something like everyone else has to do and that it’s no big deal and stop being so lazy. Don’t they realize we are fighting 💪🏻 every day we choose to get up and out of bed that’s a fight, when we shower and get dressed that’s a fight, eat breakfast, work outside the home or do things around the house if you can’t work like me they are all several fights we fight daily so don’t ever let anyone call you lazy because it takes real strength and courage to get up and just function so when we do that we are COURAGEOUS WARRIORS #nevergivingup Who is with me?