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Controlling/ignoring rapid #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder rapid mood swings

Do you ever actually notice your moods/emotions flip flopping or #RapidCycling ? I’ve became more aware of it over the years. Especially after #DBT . Just today I was crying, so #depressed for a few mins I felt #Outofcontrol with my #Sobbing . Then in a split second I was in full blown #Rage . Became violent-hitting the dash of the car, slamming car door, slamming things around. Then all of a sudden the #Guilt hit...more crying and sobbing. I consciously knew I was spiraling out of control but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t calm myself before or even right after it began. It took my husband bringing me to the side and talking with me. Not about what was going on, just about kids and plans for today. He changed the subject and got my mind #focused .
Please tell me I’m not the only one who has to sit back and just let the mood/emotion swings play out? What do y’all do when it happens? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #moodswings


With all this negativity in the world now, how do you keep it together? I’m a counselor and I help my clients keep it together but why can’t I?

#Depression #Outofcontrol #WhatNow #stopthinking


how do you know if you have control over your life?

I said to my therapist (he's online) I feel like my life is out of control. His response was..."How so?" And I'm having a really hard time answering him. I'm basically looking for examples as to how life can be out of control. Thank you in advance for your answers. #Outofcontrol #Anxiety



I. Am. So. Angry. I have Complex PTSD and anger is one of my top 3 symptoms. I am an angry person in general- I think so anyway. I try to be logical about it and rationalize it away. I try to rid myself of this anger with sheer willpower. Yeah no. Not so much. My anger often turns into rage- which is VERY different than anger. With rage- all you see is red and anyone in your way will be verbally demolished. Then of course later you think about it and feel horrible. But that's what it is.

I am going through a hellish situation with the "landlord from hell". We've all heard those stories, and mine is one of them. Anyway, I'm also dealing with moving in a very short plan without much of a plan- and I have to have a plan- so my level of discomfort is unbelievable.

But the anger I feel. I feel it, obviously because of my situation at home and moving and my landlady. But today at work, I became angry at EVERYTHING. Everyone was pissing me off. Like a domino effect. I am angry because of my housing situation, but somehow that knocked another time that I was angry, and a time before that, and a time before that. Like- everything that has ever made me angry somehow is all at the surface, at once. I am not angry at every single person I know. My family (that's another animal), EVERYONE I work with. The guy at the grocery store 2 weeks ago. My doctors. My entire life. I've been this angry so many times, but I've never had it metastasize in this way. Spill over into every aspect of my life to where I hate everything and everyone.

This is really just an observation. But I am just really surprised at my feelings, although this situation is so, so difficult and I am navigating the waters alone. And I'm 36 now, and only just now discovering I'm an actual adult, and not just an extension of my grandmother who raised me. So I've got a lot on my mind.
I'll let this anger exist and not fight it and let it flow through me ( I say this now but if I spill a glass of milk or accidentally hit my foot on the door tonight I'm going to fly in a rage and all of this idealistic talk will just fly out the window ) . That's the thing with CPTSD. In many ways you don't know what's coming- you don't always know how you'll react to various stimuli. I. Am. So. ANGRY. #CPTSD #anger #Outofcontrol #Rage #symptoms #Trauma #realizations #vulnerability

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I feel like puking...

I have an eating disorder. I “quit” when I met my husband. But recently I’ve started it once again. I’m so ashamed. I feel out of control and I do it just to feel alright again. I know I could blow out my trachea and die but it doesn’t stop the madness. #EatingDisorders #Outofcontrol #helpless