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What is Emotion Code

The emotion code is a type of emotional release developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It is a method of releasing emotional baggage known as trapped emotions from the body.

Trapped emotions are balls of negative emotional energies that became stuck in the body from past events, abuse or trauma. I love how Dr. Nelson explains this.

“In a healthy situation, an emotion is experienced, then processed or 'let go of' automatically. It can be compared to the act of breathing; the creating and experiencing of the emotion is like inhaling, and the automatically letting go of the emotion and moving on is like exhaling. Sometimes, emotional energy becomes trapped in the body, like being unable to exhale completely. This means that the emotional frequency remains in the body because it was unable to be processed normally. These trapped energies are called trapped emotions.” Dr. Bradley Nelson

These trapped emotions are very disruptive and can cause a variety of “symptoms” including physical, mental and emotional issues. They can block people from success and make them feel lonely or disconnected.

Each trapped emotion vibrates at a different frequency depending on the particular emotion. Trapped emotions can often affect the part of the body where they are stuck, but can also disturb overall balance and health. Emotion code has had a huge impact on my life personally, enabling me to move forward.

It has helped me personally with issues such as headaches and digestive issues to panic attacks and PTSD.

Using the emotion code method we can find trapped emotions through muscle testing and release them from the body restoring balance and enabling the body to heal itself so that we can live a happy and successful life.

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Feeling really down

Hi! I’m new here. I’m going through one of the scariest times in my life. I’ve been feeling sick for a few years now and it just seems like my doctor thinks I’m crazy. In the last few months I’ve been feeling my worst ever and having symptoms I didn’t have before and I can’t get out of my head that it’s something really bad. Lots of sleepless nights and my anxiety and panic attacks have been out of control. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long to get seen and be heard. I feel like it’s wasted time waiting for appointments and whatever is wrong with me is going to get worse. It feels like a really lonely time 😢.

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Christmas/spiraling with memories after losing everyone this year

I lost so much this year and Christmas is already so triggering. And this is my first year without the one support who has been here for it all, my dog 🍊🐶
I am haunted by images of my storage unit with all of the memories of things I made or did with the people who ended up being so cruel. Of all the memories connected with family and friends.
We are working on a plan to go through those gently ❤️
However, it doesn’t make it easy. It is hard to lose all of that and still be fighting for help and support and basic human decency. Relationships and memories with others really build your life. It feels like I’m losing much of what I had for 37 years.
I guess this is what it feels like to be a complex trauma survivor.
Anyway, specifically I’m dreading the ornaments that were given to me or made for me by kids who have grown up and now hate me because of what their parents have told them (I don’t want to work, I’m taking advantage of the system, I’m lazy, I did this to myself). I have always wanted to have a tree with ornaments of happy memories from the years. I was working on it and have so many. It hurts that these are there and I don’t know what to do with them. I am not sure if I want to keep them or donate them. I don’t need to decide now. Just the thought of the ornaments makes me start sobbing.
I have spent the last several years creating my own traditions with myself but tbh Christmas is just not a holiday I can safely handle alone. I will have flashbacks no matter how many coping skills I use and how much I prepare. That has taken me years and years to admit.
I just want to have more people in my life again. To have people to celebrate with and to laugh with. I know I will. But it’s not happening while I’m experiencing so much trauma.

I’m grateful I have my boyfriend this year. He is respectful about my christmas triggers and my hot and cold relationship with the holiday. I asked him to put lights up. We made gingerbread houses (his was a lot better than mine). I’m going to try to make some cookies. These to me feel like safe Christmas activities that I can actually do (delegate the lights to him).

Has anyone else found ways to make Christmas triggers easier? (Especially without children- not having kids around has been a huge holiday killer. What’s Christmas without seeing the chaos and fun of kids opening gifts? Honestly though)

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Panick Attacks

Hi there, im alex.

Since I suffer from panic attacks, I'd want to discuss about them. I would get them when I was nervous and felt like there was nothing I could do to escape the circumstance. I then have a sensation where my chest becomes heavy and I have trouble breathing. I was able to breathe, but it felt like there wasn't a good airway available to me. I used to get this feeling at school because I was anxious and afraid of people, so I would skip classes, go to first aid, and then have panic attacks.

There was no getting around that. I used to cry to myself because I felt like the only one who had it and it made me feel different from other people. I would also wonder if I needed an inhaler because I was afraid if i develop asthma. I went to the hospital to see if I had asthma, but the staff there informed me that I didn't have it and that both my respiratory rate and hemoglobin were normal.

I thought no one could relate to how I was feeling until I went to the first aid again due to panic attacks. A girl approached me and sat next to me, asking if I had asthma. I told her no, and she said she understood, telling me to take deep breaths and that she too had it. She then tried to cheer me up by asking what my favorite movies and songs were, and telling me it would all be okay.

it didnt make me help my breathing level to get normal but it did help me feel like i am valid and i am too normal it made me realise that its too okay to have panick attacks. those small talk that i had with her changed my life. it made me comfort and it made me feel like im worth it.

You’re not alone in this. We were never meant to face our pain alone. Even when you feel alone, there’s always someone waiting to help. It’s so hard to reach out your hand. I know. But it will change your life. And you will be glad that you did. Your story is so incredibly important. You can do this!

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Update: housing and family

(On going)-
So I got an update about housing. I still have no where to go. The housing vouchers open in February and everyone has to sign up at 8:00 am and the voucher applications are marked by milliseconds (this came from the coordinator). There are not enough vouchers to cover the applications so it’s first come first serve.

Since I already went through this process and then lost my housing voucher due to medical malpractice, I know how hard it is to get these and how long it takes to be offered a new one. I’ve been homeless for over 2.5 years despite being disabled and considered a priority.

In the mean time, I need to be out of the place I’m staying by the beginning of January. I’m planning on staying with my boyfriend until vouchers open up.

The problem is that I am afraid to leave when I am there because of my brother’s girlfriend’s controlling behavior (nothing I could get a restraining order about) and the fact that she knows his address. If my boyfriend is with me, I am okay. If he isn’t, I keep my car in his garage because she has been known to drive by. I found out today that she gave the address to my sister, who I went no contact years ago with because she made up things and told my family- now all her kids believe this stuff about their auntie. It was one of my hardest losses to date)

All of this trauma came after I left my abusive ex husband and tried to get help for my cptsd. I did nothing wrong and they have lied and misconstrued and gossiped about my life with such disregard.

##Anxiety #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #PostTraumaticStressDisorder #PTSD #Trauma #Agoraphobia #PanicAttacks #ADHD #MentalHealth #Disability

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I'm very ashamed about this part of my life and the stigma is horrible #Depression #Anxiety

This is something that I'm very ashamed of and I think nobody knows so I have no one else to talk to, not even my family knows, but I'm almost 35(F) and a virgin. A loving intimate relationship is something that I've been longing for but just never happened. This is making me extremely depressed and is giving me panic attacks. Is there anyone else who went through this and managed to turn their life around?

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It's so cold 🥶

This weather is awful. It snowed here today but it didn't stick to the ground. But it is so cold in my apartment. It's making me feel so yucky. I'm tired and cranky and uncomfortable. I almost had a panic attack today. I thought there were maggots on my bed and hands. I keep having these awful panic attacks.

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Potentially good news: medication

Hi friends!

After a years of reluctance, I am switching from Xanax to Ativan and increasing my dose.
I am very aware of the risks of using benzodiazepines which is why I have been hesitant. But my panic attacks are coming in waves that last hours and feel completely unbearable. They are taking over dissociation as my primary symptom (previously my primary symptom was my disabling migraines- my cptsd is so severe it overrides my chronic pain).

Even though this isn’t what I want, I also cannot stand being brought to my knees (quite literally) by my panic. So, this is potential for improvement.

(Also- I am going to be starting a new support group soon! My advocate is getting the information to me. She also listened to the things that happened last year when I was attending support group. I’m grateful for her.)

I know a lot of us end up having to take medications that have risks. Can other people relate? Has anyone else switched from Xanax to Ativan? Does anyone with cptsd have such severe panic that it debilitates them?

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