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The Light Returns

Each night I watch the sun disappear
As the light fades I become filled with fear
Will I ever be able to see the beauty again
I’m curled on the floor my mind screaming when, when, when
The cold floor causes my body to shake like a leaf in the fall wind
I want to move but the darkness has me pinned
I used to have strength to stand tall again
Right now I feel so close to the absolute end
I take a deep breath watching my chest rise and fall
Stand tall, stand tall, stand tall I hear someone call
I have endured what feels like an eternity of darkness
But now the light begins to seep in and I can once again see my purpose
It’s as if my eyes are open for the first time
I lost track of my path because I had become blind
I look up now and the light fills my mind body and soul
With the love of others I’ve been pulled out of the black hole
Before darkness comes again
I take some light and store it in a sacred bin
I’m reminded that the darkness doesn’t have to erase my hope
Instead it can clean it with a simple bar of soap
So I don’t wait for the bitter end to arrive
I look at my my life moving forward walking with a tall confident stride

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This #Song “Better Days” by my absolute favorite singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy that has one of the most #Powerful , #relatable #MusicVideos

“It’s about #perseverance and shows the feeling -the actual physical assault that life can throw at you and pushing through and pushing through -the image of the rain actually hitting you and hitting you, but always knowing that something better is on the way and that the #darkness will always give way to #light

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I never let my developmental disability with very mild cerebral palsy, get in the way amoung the frustrated moments, I still go get my goal of Independence!!#perseverance #neverstopping

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But life do throw some sh*t at us

Check out Abe Lincoln's life. (From Lincoln Historical Museum, Lincoln, IL.) Plus his crushing #Depression .

When they say as president, 'Somehow he kept it all together,' little did they know. #perseverance #MultipleSclerosis #Disabilities #MightyTogether

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Hi everyone, I have a VP shunt and I'm afraid that my shunt is struggling with the high pressure, I wake up with pressure headaches and feel pressure behind my eyes,I have no energy sometimes to do the simplest of tasks. I'm so glad I found this page because I don't know many people with this condition.also do periods or an infection cause an increase in the pressure, does anyone know how to get it under control without using diamox.
#IIH #fightingiih #NeverGiveUp #nevergivein #strength #patience #perseverance


Struggling #Depression #Anxiety

As a rule I try to follow the advice I'd give to somebody else who is stuck in the depression well but damn it's hard sometimes. But I will say it's amazing to see the amount of support as a community here. #perseverance #onebreathatatime

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When You Feel Challenged #perseverance #MentalHealth #Not broken #positive

It always brings a cool smile to my face when I remember that mental illness is just a sprain. Might not work for everyone but I still gotta try :)

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