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    Third Dose Booked Today #COVID19 #Immunocompromised

    💉 if you can get vaccinated, get vaccinated. Not all of us can make the antibodies due to the treatments we’re on so we’re counting on you to keep us safe. Yes the vaccination doesn’t guarantee you won’t get Covid but it lowers the bio load of the virus in your body. So when you sneeze instead of unleashing the army you only release some soldiers from reserves; Instead of the entire national defence haha. (Bit of my history I’ve had two PE’s (Pulmonary Embolism - blood clots in lungs 2014), have a lymphatic disease and potentially an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. I’ve had minimal to zero side effects from the two vaccinations I’ve received previously (Pfizer). I took Tylenol following my injections in 4hr increments for the first couple days and believe this help prevent/alleviate any side effects). Choice is yours, always loved.

    Let’s get through this, let’s protect each other 💪

    “I’m jabbing, just jabbing, I just wanna jab it in you.” 💉 🎵

    #Immunocompromised #thankyouforwearingamask



    Hi! How is everyone? I’ve had RA since I was a kid and I’ve been enduring the deformity aspect of the disease. I’m learning to switch my hobbies, for instance, from playing sports to playing chess and reading. I haven’t been able to play a sport in years but it’s been a long battle with my mindset, even though I physically wasn’t able to play. How have you switched and grieved new lifestyle changes? #therapyisvital #Journaling #RA #Support #Community #rituxan #Methotrexate

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    This pic was from last Friday- my 1st Rituxan infusion #rituxan #autoimmune disease #Myositis


    Starting Rituxan Friday #rituxan #RA #RheumatoidArthritis #Lupus

    Starting Rituxan Friday - already on Methotrexate for a year and it's no longer enough. Feeling good about my choice to do this infusion, but nervous because of the dangerous side effects and the chance of a serious reaction during infusion. but...i feel supported by my family and doctors. Just reaching out to see if anyone has any tips for the 6-hour infusion time in addition to reading, crosswords, etc? Should I bring a pillow? Blanket? Thanks for the tips!