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Depression and anxiety’s Triggers

I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a child. I have never officially been diagnosed with either but I self diagnosed myself in my early twenties. I had a primary care doctor tell me he thought I had depression after hearing my symptoms that included feeling unable to focus, multitask, and having a foggy brain feeling.

I brushed off his suggestions and didn’t go back to him. But he was absolutely right and I have suffered 20+ years of on and off depressive episodes.
My current episode was triggered by a multitude of events occurring in 2015. First being my Mom being put in hospice care after 3 days in a hospital, then both of my fur babies passed away from kidney failure, then my Dad got hospitalized and we ended up removing him from life support which he couldn’t survive without. Then I had to close my business because it was failing after 6 years.

I thought I had enough, then my body went into anemia for poor diet I followed for years and I went into peri menopause. I had intense menorrhagia that confined me to my home most of the time. I haven’t worked since 2016.
All through this my husband stood by me but I felt he was judging me. This is the first major depressive episode I have had since we have been together. We have been together for 18 years.

I am feeling better but I struggle with physical health issues. And now I suspect that my husband has been hiding his own illness that might kill him. My worrying keeps me down, just when I thought I’d started to get better mentally.

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Where do you start? #selfdiagnosed #needhelp #codependentpersonality #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #pleaser

I have been diagnosed with depression. I have recently been doing soul searching to find the best version of me. I am very aware of my own behavior and know the issues I struggle with. But I want help to get better. Where do I start?